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The service is considered non-operational since October 2018, see the discussion page for details.

OSM Route Manager (available on https://osmrm.openstreetmap.de/) is a relation debugging tool aiming to be an alternative to Relation Analyzer without some annoying lacks of the latter:

  • Sub- and super-relation support (see Relation:route#Multiple routes share the same path)
  • Roundabout support (implemented by adding one virtual node in the centre of the roundabout)
  • Support for excursions and variants in the GPX export function (in OSM Route Manager, you compose your own route by combining segments of the route)

All way members (and members of sub-relations) of a route are analyzed and grouped into segments. Each segment is connected to zero or more than one other segment. Ways that are connected to exactly one other way belong to the same segment.

The Route Manager is written in Java/JSP. Most of the time that it takes to calculate the segments is currently used by the API requests, the JavaScript painting the vector lines on the map also takes a lot of CPU time.


You can use the data created by OSM Route Manager using the GPX export function. It was available under the URL http://osmrm.openstreetmap.de/gpx.php?relation=%d, where %d is the number of the relation.

Greasemonkey script

There is a Greasemonkey script that shows a link to OSM Route Manager on the relation pages on www.openstreetmap.org.

Source code

The source code is available under AGPL-3 on GitHub. The project is maintained by User:Candid Dauth. Bugs can be reported there.

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