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FacilMap basic editing mode
FacilMap basic editing mode
Author: Candid Dauth
Slippy map: facilmap.org
Source code: Blacktocat.svg FacilMap/facilmap2

A fully-featured OpenStreetMap-based map where markers and lines can be added with live collaboration.

FacilMap (facilmap.org) is an online map based on Leaflet that aims to bring together many useful functions in a usable and pretty way onto an open-source map based on OpenStreetMap. Features include:

  • Different map styles: OpenMapSurferMapnikOpenCycleMapHike & Bike map.
  • Public Transportation and hillshading overlays.
  • Search and calculate routes. Routes are fully draggable. (Uses NominatimMapboxOSRM.)
  • Show GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files on the map (use Tools → Import File, type a URL into the search field, or simply drag and drop a file onto the map)
  • Show additional information about places (for example opening hours or a link to the website). Press the map for 1 second somewhere to show information about what is there. (Uses Nominatim.)
  • Zoom to the location of your device and follow it.
  • Create a collaborative map under a custom link where you and others can add markers, draw lines, save routes and import GPX/KML/OSM/GeoJSON files
    • Every map has two links, a read-only one and one where it can be edited. Everyone who has the link can access the map (similar to Etherpad, just for maps).
    • Live collaboration. All changes to the map are immediately visible to everyone who is looking at it
    • Markers and lines can have a name and description, which will be visible in a popup when clicking on it.
    • Custom types of markers and lines can be defined, where in addition to the name and description, more text fields, dropdowns and checkboxes can be added to be filled out. Custom dropdown fields can modify the style (colour and width) of the markers and lines automatically, and a legend is generated automatically to explain what the different styles stand for.
    • The current map view can be saved for others to open.
  • Can be easily run on your server or embedded into your website.

For technical details and for instructions how to run it yourself, have a look at the Github page.

To report bugs, please use the issue tracker on Github.

FacilMap is maintained by Candid Dauth.

For the old, OpenLayers-based version of FacilMap, see FacilMap/Version 1.