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Authors: derstefan, mogstar
Slippy map:
Source code:

Topographic maps from OSM and SRTM data

OpenTopoMap ( is a project aiming at rendering topographic maps from OSM and SRTM data. The map style is similar to some official German or French topographic maps, such as TK50 or TOP 25.

Major features

  • Worldwide, Zoom to 17. (Zoom limited to 15 on website
  • Updates every now and then
  • symbols of important points (churches, towers, wind energy, important trees,...)
  • high contrast, print-friendly
  • contour lines and hillshading
  • hiking and biking layers (Lonvia's)
  • geolocation and search function
  • fast permalink – just copy the web address


Points of our interest (that you should map...)

A map key is shown on

The complete map style can be found on Github:


OpenTopoMap can be used to be embedded into your project. The tiles are available from

In WordPress you can use WP OSM Plugin to integrate the map in your site/blog.

Please make sure to stick to the licence CC-BY-SA and always name If you plan to use the tiles for bigger projects, please contact us.


Feel free to contact derstefan (wiki,osm) or mogstar (wiki, osm) for more information.

OpenTopoMap was also the name of a project set up by User:Crschmidt. It is no longer being served. See the OAM wiki Main Page status for information on the project. The name OpenTopoMap is now used for this project.

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