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Welcome to what will be the wiki page for Lima Labs. We're beta testing our tile distribution CDN now and hope to have Nominatim as a service up for beta testing shortly.

We currently have nodes in :

Warsaw Poland (Europe and Africa)

Frankfurt, Germany (Secondary to Warsaw)

Kansas City, USA (United States)

Sydney, Australia (Asia/Pacific) (Two independent popes at 2 data centers)

Mumbai, India

We will be adding

Vint Hill, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Traffic is directed via a GEODNS system to the nearest server, but direct URLs are available upon request.

You can see our current network status here

If you would like direct urls for each zone's server let us know!

Our website is available here

You can view our map here

or Here

Or use our free open Beta tile server network (

Point your devices to our URL and use beta as the API key.

The syntax is{z}/{x}/{y}.png?{apikey}

An example URL is