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Sample Lima Tile

Welcome to what the wiki page for Lima Labs.

We have a global CDN for distributing Anglicized map tiles.

All tiles are 512x512 resolution.

Tiles are available over http or https.

We offer free service up to 20,000,000 tiles yearly, registration is required.

Additional tiles are available for purchase.

We currently have nodes in:

Sydney, Australia (Asia/Pacific) (Two independent pops at 2 data centers)

Sao Paulo Brazil (South America)

London England (Europe and Africa)

Frankfurt, Germany (Secondary to London)

Warsaw, Poland (Baltic States, Poland, Ukraine)

Singapore (Asia and the Pacific)

Kansas City, USA (United States and other non specified locations)

Traffic is directed via a GEODNS system to the nearest server, but direct URLs are available upon request.

Our website is available here

Our blog is available here

You can view our map here

And follow us on twitter @LimaMapper

Our service is free for hobbyist and small scale commercial use.

Point your devices to our URL, sign up and use the free API key we send!

The syntax is{z}/{x}/{y}.png?api={apikey} or{z}/{x}/{y}.png?api={apikey}

An example URL is

SSL is also supported

An example SSL URL

We do NOT use AWS,Fastly or Cloudflare anywhere in our architecture making us an awesome (and free to deploy) backup option.