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Ghana, Africa

latitude: 7.870, longitude: -0.994
Browse map of Ghana 7°52′12.00″ N, 0°59′38.40″ W
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Ghana is a country in Africa at latitude 7°52′12.00″ North, longitude 0°59′38.40″ West.

Use OpenStreetMap data

  • Go to and look at the map. From the menu, you can use the export function for basic exporting options.
  • Use OSM on your smartphone:

OpenStreetMap in Ghana

  • University of Cape Coast

We'd love more coverage of Ghana. Please feel free to get involved!


Many places in Ghana are yet to mapped. Get involved to create a better and detail free map data of Ghana. You can start by mapping areas you have much local knowledge about.

New mappers


GPS track logs

Most areas in Ghana have less detailed or cloudy imagery. GPS track logs that can be recorded with a GPS Device or smartphone. Try OSMtracker (Android).

Please Note:



  • Bing aerial imagery
  • DigitalGlobe
  • MapBox Satellite Sometimes only option where there is no Bing coverage
  • Map Library has basic administrative boundaries of Ivory Coast, but is completly outdated. In OSM there are yet boundaries of districts and regions who are based on Map Mibrary, but up to date (2014).
  • Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection has various maps. For Ghana see [1].
See also Potential Datasources for OSM generally.

Uses in Ghana




  • is starting a mapping project around the area of Tamale between November 11 - 2012. Please get in contact with User:Samlarsen1 at sam -at- if you are interested to help out. I map out these places as much as I can.