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Organic Maps android screenshot 2018-01.png
Authors: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg organicmaps/organicmaps/graphs/contributors
License: Apache-2.0 License (free of charge)
Platforms: iOS and Android 5.0
Version: Android: 2022.04.27-2 releases; iOS: 2022.04.26 (2022.04.27)
Languages: English, French, and Russian
Source code: Font Awesome 5 brands github.svg organicmaps/organicmaps
Programming language: C++

Offline maps of all countries, fast renderer, offline search

Organic Maps is a free, open source MAPS.ME fork and mobile app for iOS and Android that provides worldwide offline maps based on OpenStreetMap data. It initially launched a beta in June 2021 and released on app stores in August.[1]


Organic Maps is the ultimate companion app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists:

  • Detailed offline maps with places that don’t exist on other maps
  • Cycling routes, hiking trails, and walking paths
  • Contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks, and slopes
  • Turn-by-turn walking, cycling, and car navigation with voice guidance
  • Fast offline search on the map and bookmarks
  • Dark Mode to protect your eyes


The app developers pledge to only request the bare minimum of permissions necessary to deliver the offline maps, and to ensure:

  • No ads
  • No tracking
  • No data collection
  • No phoning home
  • No annoying registration
  • No mandatory tutorials
  • No noisy email spam
  • No push notifications
  • No crapware
  • No pesticides


Organic Maps is developed by the some of the original creators of MAPS.ME, and is legally registered in Estonia.


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