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YouthMappers logo.

YouthMappers is an international consortium of university-level student mapping clubs, with local chapers in universities of various countries.

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Students and their faculty advisors, in any country, are invited to join YouthMappers, an international university consortium on

Mapping for Resilience.

The consortium organizes a global community of learners, researchers, educators, and scholars to create and use open geographic data that directly address locally defined development challenges worldwide.

YouthMappers aspires to be the "community within the community" for the academic sector to find resources and rewards for participating in humanitarian and development open mapping.


Founding partners are Texas Tech University (TTU), The George Washington University (GWU), and West Virginia University (WVU).

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) generously supports this program through a grant from the USAID GeoCenter. The grant is administered by Arizona State University (ASU) in collaboration with GWU and WVU.

YouthMappers has a number of MOUs expressing collaboration with other actors in this space, which encourages and defines joint action or access to resources, internships, or other benefits for students and faculty from partners.


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