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TeachOSM serves to promote the use of OpenStreetMap in a broad range of educational settings to teach the fundamental concepts of geography and applied mapping based on the OpenStreetMap platform.

TeachOSM provides resources for students in the form of service learning projects, such as those for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and the MissingMaps project, as well as sponsoring micro-credentials in the form of GeoBadges.

Like all OpenStreetMap projects, we thrive on the contributions of the community. We welcome your expertise and participation in educational projects and offer our resources to benefit your open mapping projects.

Visit the TeachOSM website for our case studies and classroom modules.

Project charter

The TeachOSM project charter is here. It was initially designed and sponsored by OpenStreetMap US, to be open to cooperation with other interested chapters or working groups around the world with similar goals.

Partners and allies

  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, maintains LearnOSM on basic mapping instruction, as well as maintains the OSM Tasking Manager.
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Training Working Group, focuses on maintining HOT's training resources, including LearnOSM.
  • Geobadges, operated under the aegis of the American Geographic Society, offers micro-credentials for geographic learning.
  • OpenStreetMap, the parent project.
  • YouthMappers, a consortium of university-level student mapping clubs with local chapters in universities and schools of various countries around the world.
  • TeachOSM supports the American Geographical Society in their Teacher Fellow program with training and workshops.
  • TeachOSM partners with the GeoTechCenter to give workshops and trainings.

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