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OSM awards

Since 2016, the OpenStreetMap community grants awards to outstanding members, projects and organizations, which have contributed to the project's growth. Every contributor can nominate someone or someone's project between April and July. Projects need to be published after 1 June 2018 for the awards of 2019. Most awards are for one or two individuals only. The voting starts after the nominations were verified to comply with the requirements for the specific award as well as the general conditions. Every contributor is eligible to participate in the ballot vote.[1] However, nominations and votes might be linked to OSM accounts internally. OpenStreetMap Awards are awarded at the end of the State of the Map conference[2].

Current awards

The voters will indicate whether one or more candidates should be awarded. They can also abstain from nominating any candidate or nominate all of them (both actions have the same result). The nominee with the most votes will be awarded.

Core Systems Award
Users are eligible if they have developed or maintained systems which are used by mappers on a daily basis.
Innovation Award
The award is given to users who have created an innovative service, mapping techniques, or a new perspective on existing tools.
Influential Writing Award
The award honours users who have provided insides to the project or inspired others writing texts.
Greatness in Mapping Award
The award is given to users for their significant additions or enhancements of OSM data.
Expanding the Community Award
Users engaged in growing or diversifying the community are awarded.
Team Achievement Award
Groups of users, which map together, grow the community, or provide data are eligible.
Ulf Möller Memorial Award
This is an award for positive contributions of all kind to an active individual.[3]

Awards in previous years

In previous years, there were also awards for mapping continents with an under-average representation in OpenStreetMap. The eligibility for certain awards changed slightly, too.[1]


The 2018 award ceremony took place on 30th of July at the State of the Map 2018 conference. The winners are:

See also the official blog post about the winners, the full list of nominees and video of the awards ceremony.


Three new award categories were added, to promote growing work in the regions of Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The 2017 award ceremony took place on 19th of August at the State of the Map 2017 conference. The winners are:

  • The Core Systems Award went to Kevin Bullock.
  • The Innovation Award went to Tobias Zwick.
  • The Influential Writing Award went to Ramani Huria.
  • The Greatness in Mapping Award went to Jochen Topf.
  • The Expanding the Community Award went to Pete Masters.
  • The Improving the Latin America Award went to GeoChicas.
  • The Improving the Africa Award went to the State of the Map Africa Organising Team.
  • The Improving the Asia Award went to Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team Indonesia.
  • The Ulf Möller Memorial Award went to Martin Raifer.

See also the official blog post about the winners and the full list of nominees.


The winners of the 2016 awards were announced on 25th of September at the State of the Map conference. They are:

See also the official blog post about the winners, the full list of nominees and video of the awards ceremony.


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