State of the Map 2021

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N/A Call for venues
24 Jan. Call for logo started.
14 Feb. Deadline for logo submissions.
22 Feb. Call for applications for the Scientific Committee opened
23 Feb. Event website launched
5 Mar. Deadline for applications for the Scientific Committee
9 Mar. Starting call for session proposals
26 Mar. Call for academic abstracts opened
4 Apr. Deadline for sessions proposals
5 May Deadline for academic talk submissions
9 May Call for Posters opened
19 May Call for Translators opened
6 Jun. Deadline for panel submissions
27 Jun. Deadline of Call for Posters
28 Jun. Deadline of Call for Translators
? Program announced
9 Jul.-11 Jul. Main conference days with presentations, discussions and more.

State Of The Map 2021 is set to take place online. It will be held on July 9 to 11, 2021.

Check the official website:

The program: To be completed

Our conference will include several kinds of sessions:

  • 20 minute talks,
  • academic talks,
  • 60-90 minute workshops,
  • 60-90 minute panel discussions,
  • 5 minute "lightning" talks, or
  • spontaneous break out sessions for birds of a feather meetups and other activities,
  • (virtual) poster exhibition

The call for session proposals deadline has now passed (April 11), but it still possible to submit panels (until June 6) and academic abstracts (until May 5). It is also to submit lightning talks, posters, and spontaneous break out sessions to the State of the Map 2021!

A great program is now being put together. To be announced later.


We will be seeking sponsors of the conference once the venue is selected. Would your company would be interested in supporting OpenStreetMap in this way? Write to for information.

Online Conference

The conference is taking place in an online setting again, similar to as it did in 2020. There will be live streams of talks as well as many side tracks for informal chats, workshops, q&a session and other gatherings.

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