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SotM 2021 Lightning Talks

Do you want to hold a lightning talk during SotM 2021?

Please add a line to the table below and prepare a short video with your lightning talk. It should be maximum 5 minutes long and be about a topic related to OpenStreetMap. We recommend to read the how-to that we prepared for regular SotM talks. Once you recorded the video, you can upload it to our upload folder on the OSMF Nextcloud instance. Please name the file after the speaker name and talk title you added in the below table (format: <your name>_<title of your lightning talk>), this makes it easier for us to match them.

The deadline for lightning talks (both registration and video upload) was 2 July 2021 23:59:59 UTC.

If we have questions concerning your lightning talk, we would use your OSM username to contact you.

We have provisionally scheduled the talks in one of the lightning talk slots of the SotM schedule, but please check this wiki page and the schedule in the SotM website before or during the conference again to know when your lightning talk will take place - we will try to keep the wiki page and the schedule in sync. We expect that you will be available during the conference to chat with SotM participants about your subject. If you like to have extended discussions with attendees about your subject, you're welcome to schedule a self-organized session - if you do so, please consider indicating this in your talk description and maybe also announce it in the chat inside the conference platform while your lighting talks is broadcasted.

Lightning Talks I, Friday, 18:00 UTC

Speaker name OSM username Title Short description of the content Notes
Davey Lovin mDav Building a Free Worldwide Long Distance Hiking Trail Map Together With OpenStreetMap Dozens if not hundreds of users worldwide have contributed a wealth of long-distance hiking trail information to OpenStreetMap. However, this data is difficult to extract in a meaningful and useful way and its quality varies greatly. This talk introduces superroute: an interactive webmap and quality assurance tool for OSM long distance hiking trails, with the goal of coalescing a community of passionate data-nerdy hikers to maintain and improve the data quality of these trails for the benefit of all. Davey_Lovin_Superroute
OSM Philippines / Feye Andal feyeandal OpenStreetMap in the Philippines 2021 Last September 2020, the OSM-Philippines community released the Call to Correct Narratives about Geospatial Work [in the Philippines]. We’re provided with an opportunity to share our own narratives and showcase the local community’s initiatives through a documentary-video produced by Amazon Web Services – Philippines.

We would like to share OUR story with the whole OSM community.

FeyeAndal_OpenStreetMap in the Philippines 2021
Geoffrey Kateregga Kateregga1 Localizing Community Support through regional hubs. The Eastern and Southern Africa Open Mapping Hub will engage with local mapping communities, facilitate knowledge exchanges, distribute funding, and provide training and support in order to massively scale local edits to OpenStreetMap in 22 countries.
Hao Li Leebob Automatic building detection with ohsome2label and Tensorflow In this talk, we will introduce our recent work in detecting OpenStreetMap missing buildings and show you a walkthrough on how to train your own building detector using ohsome2label and the TensorFlow Object Detection API. 4:44

HaoLi_Automatic building detection with ohsome2label and Tensorflow

Jakob Schnell ezelo ORS Tools - the QGIS Plugin for the openrouteservice QGIS is great geoinformation software, the openrouteservice is a fantastic routing engine based on OSM data and this plugin brings them both together. Jakob Schnell from HeiGIT, one of the plugin maintainers, will give a short overview over the main functionalities of the plugin. please talk to Marcel Reinmuth during the conference, since Jakob won't be able to attend :)


Michael Montani Michael Montani OpenStreetMap in support of UN Peacekeeping missions: Unite Maps & UN Mappers Unite Maps, a program led by the United Nations Global Service Center, is leveraging OpenStreetMap data to deliver geoservices and cartographic products to UN Peacekeeping missions in Africa. The initiative supports peacekeepers in their operational efforts (as navigation and security) in areas torn by conflict. Unite Maps contributes to the extraction of OSM data as well as community support and capacity building of OSM communities under the umbrella of the UN Mappers network. In 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Sorry for being long, but I couldn't do anything shorter :(

Michael_Montani_OpenStreetMap in support of UN Peacekeeping missions: Unite Maps & UN Mappers

Peter Ageng'a Peter Ageng'a Water and sanitation mapping in Nairobi's informal settlements. In this talk, we'll be sharing about the project that we conducted on mapping of water and sanitation in informal settlements of Nairobi through the support of OSMF under the 2020 microgrants projects. We'll be sharing some of the results and lessons learnt from the project and findings from a survey that we conducted on the impact of Covid on water and sanitation. Peter Agenga_Water and sanitation mapping in Nairobi's informal settlements

Lightning Talks II, Saturday, 13:00 UTC

Speaker name OSM username Title Short description of the content Notes
ark Arjun arkarjun The Boundary Puzzle The story of OSM Kerala community in developing the administrative boundaries of Kerala, a southern state of India. The Mammoth effort of volunteers made the different level of administrative boundaries of the state created a large impact in recent times including the pandemic management. The talk gives a brief on how the citizen-oriented participatory mapping revolutionised the open data culture and influenced the authorities. arkArjun_TheBoundaryPuzzle
Gregory Marler LivingWithDragons The YouTube community of OpenStreetMappers Let's take a look at YouTube and the community there from an OpenStreetMap view. I quickly cover the big and important channels that host talks, provide tutorials and learning, along with those doing desktop streams or turning on a camera and chatting as they go out mapping. 5 minutes 12 seconds.


Helga Tauscher Let's meet at an island. OpenStreetMap as a source for spatial chat tool worlds This talk shows how worlds for adhoc video-conferencing systems or spatial chat tools, for example WorkAdventure can be populated from geospatial or other real-world data on an automated basis. The island scenario is the first of three scenarios to be investigated, with the other two being scenarios on the building and city district level. 4:55


Iván Sánchez Ortega ivansanchez Experiments in P2P tiles An exploration on how a seemingly obscure web standard (WebRTC) can be exploited to provide P2P transmission of rendered map tiles and theoretically lower the load on the OSMF's tileservers. In 4 minutes 22 seconds.


Marcel Reinmuth maze2p0 Open Healthcare Access Map Get insights on travel time to healthcare facilities, population coverage and their interplay at different scales for a variety of countries. The Open Healthcare Access Map is an OSM data powered application to explore health access. 05:02

marcel_reinmuth_Open healthcare access map

Martijn van Exel mvexel Bye Bye, Unclassified Many words have been said and written about road classification in OSM. In this talk, Martijn van Exel will look at this topic through the lens of recent community initiatives in the United States, and add his own opinions you never asked for. martijnvanexel_byebyeunclassified
Pavel Zbytovský zby-cz Project For a long time, I missed the single application for using OpenStreetMap. In this talk I would like to present the universal OpenStreetMap app, OsmAPP for short. After a few years of development, it already offers fast vector maps, clickable POIs, search and even basic editing capabilities. Let's hear the story of this project and discuss the future.

- Link:

- Slides:

Pavel Zbytovský_Project OsmAPP

Lightning Talks III, Sunday, 15:45 UTC

Speaker name OSM username Title Short description of the content Notes
Oliver Fritz ofr1tz Being ohsome with R How to query the ohsome API from R to aggregate and extract elements from the OSM history. oliver_fritz_being_ohsome_with_r
Richard Fairhurst Richard Introducing tilemaker 2.0 Vector tiles are great! Having to maintain a rendering database isn't. That's where tilemaker comes in. SOTM 2021 will see the release of the all-new v2.0 which makes vector tiles speedily, on your own hardware, without a database. Richard Fairhurst explains how it works and how you can use it. 4:50


SOB Willy Franck GeOsm : The first mapping data-based social network to connect and empower communities. Our goal is to create a mapping data-based social network for territory stakeholders. We want to work with different actors of the digital ecosystem to facilitate the promotion of our tool to those who need it. And it will be up to each community to appropriate the approach in an innovative way to help states, associations, people, companies and the environment.
Sharon Omoja shazomojah State of The Map Africa 2021 The State of the Map Africa conference celebrates the culture of open mapping, open data and GIS and its impact across Africa. In this talk we will give updates and plans for this year's State of the Map Africa conference.
Jennings Anderson Presenting New Numbers: Quantifying the Increase in Paid Editing Since 2018 There are now more than 2,500 active _paid editors_ in the OSM Community. The last time we comprehensively quantified this editing activity involved just 1,000 editors across ten companies. This talk describes the increase in paid editing since 2018 with country-level breakdowns of editing activity and information regarding new editing teams and the growth of the existing teams. already uploaded
Antidius Kawamala KAWAMALA Tanga Buildings Import and Community Mapping This is an Initiative for scaling up the OpenStreetMap Project by addition of buildings footprint data for entire region of Tanga,Datasets was developed by Ardhi University Students (ARU) in Collaboration with Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in 2021.

Furthermore, There are different community mapping activities as micro-works going on in the region, as the mission of enriching and making freely global spatial data as well as capacity building to the local community on how to use free and open source tools in contributing data to OSM.



Shabani Magawila SHABANI MAGAWILA Activities performed by IRDP YouthMappers on 2021 IRDP YouthMappers is one of the Active Chapter available in Dodoma, under the supervision of the Institute of rural Development Planning - Dodoma. The chapter has been able to participate in various projects and was able to organize several trainings. With the skills we had we were able to help our fellow students to complete their Field Work Practice. uploaded

Missing video

We had not received a video for the following talks at the time of this writing. You can still upload a video and we will try to incorporate it into the schedule and the conference, but there's no guarantee that we will get around to do so - the earlier we get the video, the more likely it is though.

Speaker name OSM username Title Short description of the content Notes
Michal Migurski Daylight Map Distribution is Fresh & Clean OSM Data Daylight Map Distribution makes using OSM data an easy choice. If you’re looking for OSM base map data that’s checked and filtered for accidental errors and intentional vandalism, Daylight is here to help with a global dataset. won't be able to submit
Georgy, Grigory Open Urban Mapping Based in Russia, we've picked its territory as our testing ground. By now we've automatically extracted 50+ mln building features using AI model over different satellite imagery sources. We've also extracted 30+ mln using Mapblox Satellite to contribute to Openstreetmap. We analyse what the potential is for application our AI to other countries urban structures. How's the project is going in the information word that is occupied by Microsoft and Facebook.

Non-English Lightning Talks

As some sort of an experiment, we also accept lightning talks in other languages (aside from English) if you can provide English subtitles for them. If you'd like to give this a try, please still add an English entry in the above table and indicate the language in the Notes column. When you upload your lightning talk video, also upload the English subtitles (in a separate file, don't render them onto the video, we will take care of that). Please make sure that the subtitles are displayed when playing your video with VLC.

If you haven't created subtitles before, we recommend Subtitle Composer for desktop solution or Amara for web-based solution (this seems to require you to upload the video to some 3rd party service like YouTube though, but might also make it easier for others to help you create or translate subtitles of your video).

Questions and Contact

Please write to if you have any further questions.