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State Of The Map 2010 took place in Girona, Spain on 9th, 10th, 11th July 2010. See State Of The Map page for current details of this annual conference. 2010 was a fantastic conference! Huge thanks to all our dedicated organising committee who put on a superb event.

The event was recorded and some videos were made available, link from the presentation list below

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Sessions list

The following is a wiki-editable list of sessions / presentations. Please feel free to edit the wiki with more details about the presentations, a description and links to resources (slides, photos, etc, related websites) This time we will create a page per presentation. Click the red links to create pages.

Time Room Title, Speaker Video (*)
Friday (Businessday)
10:10-10:30 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OpenStreetMap – Ready for business!, Dr.-Ing. Roger Müller (house)
10:30-10:50 Chamber SotM 2010 session: How I built a location-based social app, John McKerrell (house)
10:50-11:10 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OpenStreetMap Monetization, Christian O. Petersen (house)
11:10-11:30 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM at AOL Local, Randy Meech (house)
12:00-12:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM and the law: enemies, friends or something in between?, Katleen Janssen (house)
17:30-17:50 chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM on OLPC’s XO in Primary Schools, Philippe Rieffel (house)
12:40-13:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Geodata from public sector sources, Panel discussion (house)
12:00-12:20 Small SotM 2010 session: Distributed bulk rendering on the Amazon cloud, Nogago (house)
12:20-12:40 Small SotM 2010 session: Integrating Maps into OpenNMS Network Management, OpenNMS (house)
12:40-13:00 Small SotM 2010 session: Taking GPS navigation from commercial maps to OSM, Skobbler (house)
13:00-13:20 Small SotM 2010 session: Integrating Real-time Bus-Tracking with Pedestrian Navigation, National University of Ireland (house)
15:30-15:50 chamber SotM 2010 session: Who are the mappers and why do they map in OpenStreetMap?, Nama Raj Budhathoki, Muki Haklay, Zorica Nedovic-Budic (house)
15:50-16:10 chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM in a Mobile Augmented Reality Game, Jaak Laineste (house)
16:10-16:30 chamber SotM 2010 session: Data Validation of Crowd Sourced Data, Bob Chell (house)
16:30-16:50 chamber SotM 2010 session: Uncommon Operating Picture: Using OSM for Humanitarian Response, John Crowley (house)
15:30-15:50 Small SotM 2010 session: Mapping for the Masses, Cloudmade (house)
15:50-16:10 Small SotM 2010 session: Extend OSM with configurable solutions, (house)
16:10-16:30 Small SotM 2010 session: Design, setup and management of spatial platform, Błażej Ciepłuch (house)
16:30-16:50 Small SotM 2010 session: Resolution independent maps on the iOS platform, Curly Brackets (house)
17:50-18:10 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Map Kibera – Mapping one of Africa’s largest slums, Mikel Maron (house)
18:10-19:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Cocktails on the Titanic? Business models Panel discussion [1] & (house)
12:20-12:40 Chamber SotM 2010 session: From Arkansas to Afghanistan – Open data sharing and collaboration for better engagement, Kate Chapman (house)
09:40-10:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: State of OSM, Steve Coast recording
10:00-10:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session:OSM and the tyranny of place, Muki Haklay & Nama Raj Budhathoki
10:20-10:40 Chamber SotM 2010 session:From the Outside Looking In, Nick Black
10:40-11:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session:Local knowledge and global search, Matthew Quinlan
12:00-12:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session:Party Time! Good and bad ways to run mapping parties, Harry Wood (house)
12:20-12:40 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Outreach to Non-Technical Communities, Thea Clay (house)
12:40-13:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Libero Accesso… – mapping the accessibility, Simone Gadenz (house)
13:00-13:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session:Maps for blind and visually impaired people, Lulu-Ann (house) (audience)
12:00-12:20 Small SotM 2010 session:OSM without Delay, Matt Amos (house)
12:20-12:40 Small SotM 2010 session:Efficient Processing of OSM XML using Java, Fangli Ying, Peter Mooney, Padraig Corcoran (house)
12:40-13:00 Small SotM 2010 session:Tuning the Mapnik Rendering Chain, Frederik Ramm (house)
13:00-13:20 Small SotM 2010 session:OSMTrack – Towards the best iPhone app for adding roads, Dmitri Toropov (house)
15:10-15:30 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Martijn van Exel (house)
15:30-15:50 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Tag Central: a Schema for OSM, David Earl (house)
15:50-16:10 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Is OSM good enough for automotive ADAS apps?, Dmitri Toropov (house)
16:10-16:30 Chamber SotM 2010 session: The Problem with Metadata, Charles Kennelly (house)
17:30-18:30 Small SotM 2010 session: OSI Scholarship Lightning Talks, Various wiki+videos
17:30-17:50 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Modeling the Past and Future, Peter Miller (house) (audience)
17:50-18:30 Chamber SotM 2010 session: What’s wrong with OSM? Panel discussion, Chris Osborne (house)
18:30-19:00 Chamber Concert Contest
09:30-10:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Strategic Working Group (house)
10:00-10:40 Chamber SotM 2010 session: License Working Group (house)
10:40-11:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Data Working Group (house)
09:30-9:50 Small SotM 2010 session: Can we look at your polygons?, Peter Mooney (house)
09:50-10:10 Small SotM 2010 session: Corine and BMO Import – Conclusions, Emilie Laffray (house)
10:10-11:00 Small SotM 2010 session: Import Lightning talks
12:00-12:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Geovelo, a route planner for bicycle, Gaël Sauvanet (house)
12:20-12:40 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OpenTrailView: StreetView for paths and trails, Nick Whitelegg (house)
12:40-13:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Ad-hoc Map Rendering on Mobile Devices, Jürgen Broß (house)
13:00-13:20 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Ericsson Labs – A toolbox for Map Application Innovation, Richard Carlsson (house)
12:00-12:20 Small SotM 2010 session: What I’d like to do with Mapnik, Steve Chilton (house)
12:20-12:40 Small SotM 2010 session: Vernacular mapping and the ethics of what comes next, Joe Gerlach (house)
12:40-13:00 Small SotM 2010 session: What I learned making a real map on real paper for real people and real money, David Earl (house)
13:00-13:20 Small SotM 2010 session: MapOSMatic: City Maps for the Masses, Thomas and Maxime Petazzoni
15:30-15:50 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Grounding the OSM Project: The Humanitarian OSM Team in Haiti, Nicolas Chavent (house)
15:50-16:10 Chamber SotM 2010 session: OSM Integrated with GeoCommons offline for Humanitarian Response, Kate Chapman (house)
16:10-17:00 Chamber SotM 2010 session: Panel Discussion: Usability of OSM for humanitarian projects (house)
15:30-17:00 Small State Of The Map 2010/Lightning Talks
17:00-18:00 Chamber SotM 2010 closing session and auction

Lightning Talks

A Lightning Talk is a very focused presentation given in five minutes. All lightning talks were given in the Small Room. Check out the lightning talk list at /Lightning Talks

Title, Speaker Slides Video (*)
Sunday Morning Lightning Talks and OSMQA, François Van Der Biest [2] (audience) (house)
ogr2osm, Ivansanchez [3] (house)
"Getting closer to power lines", Bahnpirat [4] [5] (house)
Auto-traced buildings import in Szczecin, Poland from city's cadastre, Andrew Zaborowski [6] (house)
WhooTS, a small wms to tile proxy – WMS in Potlatch, Tim Waters (chippy) - ( blog [7] (house)
A New Routing Engine for OSM, Jochen Topf - project [8] (house)
Wheelmap - Using OSM for a social cause, by tagging wheelchair-accessible POIs., Raul Krauthausen & Holger Dieterich [9] (house)
Sunday Afternoon Lightning Talks
Cascales, Equador, Speaker? (house)
Introducing "Guerilla Mapping", let's do it, LastGrape/Gregory (house)
Mapping with Android (Mapzen for Android), Vitalii Grygoruk (house)
Tirex Tile Rendering System, Jochen Topf (house)
Turn restrictions editing, Yuliya Leonova (house)
Super power of OSM API & OAuth, Mariia Soloviova (house)
FEMroute [10]: Gender-specific requirements in pedestrian route navigation, Manuela Schmidt (house)
Cloudmade Style Editor, Victoria Moshanova (house)
Why a house number belongs to an entrance, not to a building, Lulu-Ann [11] (house)
Alpha, Johan Veerman (house)
Project of the Week, Richard Weait (house)
MongOSM - a new XAPI server implementation, Serge Wroclawski (house)
SnapMap: towards a “street view” for historic and beautiful photos (with lots of tags and an API), Laurence Penney (house)
Alternatives to PostGIS in storing data for rendering purposes aka Making Even Less Sense Out Of My Free Time, Andrii V. Mishkovskyi (house)
Revolutionising JOSM user experience (not really), Andrew Zaborowski (house)
Project Mygosme - MY Grandparent's OpenStreetMap Editor, Enrico Zini (house)
Building an offline mobile tool to search for POIs, while listening to SoTM talks, Enrico Zini

Unclassified sessions

These presentations seem to be missing from the main schedule. Can we find out where they fit?

Time Room Title, Speaker Video
??:??-??:?? Small SotM 2010 session: Potlatch2, Andy Allan [12]


State Of The Map 2010/Workshops

* Videos

In the video links columns of the above tables, 'house' indicates video from the venue's own a/v system; links to other versions may be added where they exist. For the main room, the house videos generally have much better audio than the videos shot from the audience. In the small room, the audio levels from the house system were extremely low, requiring heavy processing and thus they have a poor s/n ratio.

The State of the Map conference 2010

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