SotM 2010 session: OSI Scholarship Lightning Talks

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State Of The Map 2010 Session
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Lightening talks from the OSI scholarship presenters:


Title, Speaker Slides Video
SotM_2010_session:_OSI_Scholarship_Lightning_Talks Introduction, ? (slides) (video)
New Zealand, Rob Coup [1] (house)
Viet Nam, Thanh Le Viet (Hanoi) (slides) (house)
Bangladesh, Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Dhaka) (slides) (house)
D.R. of Congo, Narcisse Mbunzama Lokwa (Kinshasa) (slides) (house)
Ethiopia, Metasebia Demissie, Alazar Tekle (Addis Ababa) [2] [3] (house)
I.O. Migration: Haiti, ? (slides) (house)
Haiti, Guensmork Alcin (slides) (house) (IOM video)
English translation/summary, ? () (house)
Uruguay, Maria Antonieta Giannarelli (Montevideo) () (house)
Brazil, Vitor George (São Paulo) () (house)
Republic of Georgia, Jeff from Jumpstart International () (house)
Moldova, Evgheni Dereveanchin () (house)
Addismap live Q&A [4] (house)

Additional details

State Of Ethiopia

Metasebia Demessie, Alazar Tekle (

On SlideShare: [5] and YouTube: [6]

Putting Cascales on the World Map

Javier Carranza Torres ([7])

On SlideShare: [8]

State of New Zealand

Rob Coup (@amatix)

On Prezi: [9]

Other lightning talks?

TODO: list other lightning talks