SotM 2010 session: Libero Accesso… – mapping the accessibility

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State Of The Map 2010 Session
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State Of The Map 2010 presentation by Simone Gadenz

Mapping accessibility: what is the project about?

The presentation showed the preliminary results of the project "Libero Accesso...Accesso Libera Tutti!". It is participatory mapping process to assess and communicate the accessibility for people with reduced mobility of the urban area of Castelfiorentino.

The talk presented the following topics:

  • the political and social context where the project deployed;
  • the mapping experience [1];
  • the mapping criteria defined by the active citizens;
  • the accessibility model used;
  • the preliminary results;

The next steps will be:

  • publication of a geoportal providing a collaborative map of accessibility of the urban area;
  • printing of a paper map of accessibility and accessible paths.

Slides of the presentation on

Further info: info at