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OSM Logo This user submits data to OpenStreetMap under the name
Subversion Logo Balrog commits code to OpenStreetMap SVN under the name balrog-kun.

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I support OSM by being a
member of the
OpenStreetMap Foundation
Are you?

I am going to ignore the endless
rounds of proposals and voting
procedures. Instead, I will use
Taginfo and similar
tools to actually do some
productive mapping.

OpenStreetMap isn't a computer project, it's an outdoors activity.
Less of the bulk imports and wikifiddling please.
Go outside and map!

I don't give a flying monkey's for tag voting, automatic changebots, endless discussions, categories, or any of that crap, but prefer to get on and actually do stuff.

My contact information is available on my user page. I post to the various OSM mailing lists and sometimes on the Polish forums (but much prefer the mailing lists over the forums). I'm usually on IRC in #osm with the nick balrog-kun. My real name is Andrzej Zaborowski but my friends and co-workers call me using local variations of the name Andrew to avoid tongue injuries. I'm a free-software programmer at Intel Corp.

I am recently involved in Kite mapping, I have a subpage about this and related topics.

I usually map in Poland.

I spend a good amount of time in Spain, too (mapping).

I map in random places when I travel or when people on the lists ask for a revert of some change or for help with a rogue relation or during HOT activations, or just because something catches my attention. I map a lot from imagery sitting in my ARMCHAIR. I am all for going out and surveying, but I'm also for not wasting our efforts by not using sources of data that are available. This is why I participated in a number of imports and automated edits, some of them (and one particularly) received mixed reactions.

I've given a number of public talks and presentation about OSM even though I'm really bad at this. My personal blog is at and I write the OpenStreetMap blog in Polish at

I host, which is also accessible through -- I registered .hu the domain to prevent it being taken by a domain troll. I really want to host a Hungarian OpenStreetMap page at that address but I don't speak Hungarian and lack time to do something about it. I'd love it if someone wrote such a page and sent it to me, or at least sent me the translation of another website about OSM. If someone from the Hungary community has hosting for such a page, I will be happy to pass the domain over to them or point it at their server.