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Do you remember the 2008 Limerick Limericks? And the 2009 Amsterdam Haikus? What kind of poetry did we undertake at State Of The Map 2010?" Well this year we had one epic poem, "The Girona Tales", and in true OSM style, you can all contribute tales, but we also did something different. As the State of the Map 2010 venue was actually a concert hall, we hosted the first official OpenStreetMap Concert Contest.

The rules were simple:

  • Make a song, or change the lyrics of an existing song. The song must be about OSM, maps, GPS, GIS software, or cartography.
  • You may assemble a band to play the song together (or play solo).
  • You may use the concert hall A/V facilities (amplifiers, audio inputs, video playback, etc). Please do talk with the SotM10 organising committee if you plan to.
  • You will be required to play the song during SotM10.

The performances

YouTube Playlist of all 5 performances: [1]

Map Features to the tune of Tom Lehrer's Periodic Table which itself is to the tune of The Major General's Song

Highway to Hell

I've got a little list

  • Idea: mackerski
  • Need: A Gilbert & Sullivan Chorus to sing 6 lines, quite like the one Richard will probably need
  • Props: Lord High Executioner paraphernalia, hood, axe or suchlike
  • Piano: Oh, yes please, if we've got one
  • Performance: From 4 minutes into (after Highway to Hell)

Need a Map


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Every way I go


Ivansanchez got a standing ovation for his performance, and won the competition by clap test.

Other ideas for songs

These ones didn't get performed

My map is full

  • Idea: Bahnpirat
  • need: tripod for microphone and bar stool
  • comment : will be hard to top Lena!

Get up

  • Idea: DanielH
  • need: Ticket Bremen-Girona or Skype conference

My Girona

  • Idea: [2]
  • Need: Someone with the the ability/guts to sing it on stage.

Maps Maps Maps!

Mapper Explorer

  • Idea: milovanderlinden
  • Need: A ticket to SOTM, a speedy Ferrari to drive me back in case my wife gets ready to deliver our baby and to stay away from beelzeboss

osm2midi Girona