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My map is full

Lyrics: Bahnpirat on the music of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt

My life was boring
belived whatever told
then I discoverd Wikipedia
and done a greater fault

There was an article,
marked for deletion in a week
so I had to learn more about this
and become an OSM geek.

So much to do!
My tracklog quickly
get's full.

And if it's cold outside
Or water falling tight
This will not stop me from do
Remember there is still Yahoo!

And I've maped ways for bike
collected them on a hike
suddenly I was stoped by a
that made me
thought about
something special no one
mentioned till now.

My map was full!
my map was full!
This was dark, dark

I thought: what the hack
I go'ne put on map?
Found a thing you will keep in minds
now I map all power lines.

.. *woush!*

My map is full!
Your map is full!
Our map is full!

I will spend you one drinks
If find power things
And finaly it's time to
end this song

But it's time to face the truth.
I think the map will never be full.