State of the Map 2009/Poetry Competition

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SOTM 2009 Amsterdam haiku Poem Page

Simple rules:

- Use three lines of up to 17 syllables;
- Allude to a season of the year (kigo);
- Something to do with OpenStreetMap maps or mapping.

More information on haiku here.

Contributions welcome in any of these categories:

1) Haiku you would show your mother and that she just might understand.

2) Dubious Haiku that you certainly would not show your mother.

3) Obscure jargon-ridden Haiku that no-one except hard-core OSM mappers would understand.


From the mighty bard Iván Sánchez Ortega:

Maps maps
maps maps maps maps

Mandatory Monty Python reference:

Bacon and maps
Maps, maps, eggs, bacon and maps

Iván also reinvents the classics:

The old waterway=pond;
A frog jumps in —
The sound of the natural=water.

Survey the beach
Destroy the coast
Ban Potlatch


Sin estaciones

Mira mi pueblo
siente sus montañas
Yo, ellos somos libres

No season

look my town
felt the mountains
They and I are free


Low Battery

Logging ski slopes
Icy hands
Time to get piste

Waar zit mijn GPS?

Hij is de weg kwijt
Op een brug over een gracht
Hij heeft geen kaart



More maps coming soon
The website sighs to us all
Lets go map those streets!


Hmm, The site is down?
Is it working for you?
Must be a new api!


Where?, Où?, Wo? Waar? Hvor?
It's Here. Ici. Hier, Hier. Her.
Libre! Öffnen! Åpen!


The Seasoned Mapper

White sunlight burns me
Man's satellites between us
We map and we sweat

Sun lost beyond cloud
Street signs once hidden by leaves
Addictive I find

Old path in new frost
Woollen hat hides receiver
Recording my steps

Bike wheels on wet roads
Logging points of interest
Watch out for that bus


White-tinged northern forest
GPX knows where I am
Alone but Share-Alike


Morning time, birds tweet
In Amsterdam I will too
Using @steev8
Some software magic
Mapnik maps