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The 3rd Annual OpenStreetMap Conference State Of The Map took place Amsterdam in 2009 on July 10th, 11th and 12th. Congratulations to everyone involved in organizing this fantastic event.

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News, Slides, Photos, Tweets:

Videos of talks are linked from the presentations list below. Generally they are being placed on vimeo. The proper vimeo videos are appearing gradually. You can nominate your favourite talks to be published first.

More talks are available as slide recordings (slides and audio). Also available as podcast: mov m4v. The m4v Podcast is iPhone compatible. Bugs in the videos are collected at State of the map/Video bugs.

Several of the presentation slide decks are available at

'sotm09' flickr tag - Lots of photos! Also send photos to the proper flickr group

The hashtag #sotm09 was used for twitter messages during the conference (and #lazyosm during the Sunday ideas session)

Video interviews with some of the speakers.

Event on: facebook, and LinkedIn group with SOTM locations through the years - now shows info on newer conferences

Presentations list

Here is the list of presentations. We need to add links to videos & slides as they become available. Also feel free to adjust the times to reflect what really happened.

Time Room Speaker + Title Video Slides Other resources
Friday "pro user" day
9:00 State Keynote: Intro to OSM - Steve Coast [1] (OSM Foundation) vimeo
9:15 State Keynote: A day in the life of a mapper: Why OSM Matters to Me - Henk Hoff [2] (OSM Foundation) vimeo
9:30 State Keynote: Geodata creation: past, present and future - Peter Batty [3] (Spatial Networking) vimeo slideshare
10:30 State Keynote: Using OpenStreetMap Maps in Flickr - Aaron Cope [4] (flickr) vimeo slideshare
10:30 State Creating Quality the OSM way - Jochen Topf [5] (GeoFabrik) vimeo PDF
10:30 State Operating a UK wide multi modal journey planner and the role of user contributed data - Peter Stoner (Traveline) and Peter Miller (ITO) vimeo slideshare (ITO)
12:20 State Making the switch to OpenStreetMap - James Rutter (Surrey Heath Council, UK) vimeo
14:00 State Your Future is Customized - Nick Black (CloudMade) vimeo slideshare
14:20 State Cartotype - Matt Miller vimeo
14:40 State From maps and APPs to mashups and APIs - Arie J Duindam (Grontmij) vimeo
15:00 State Local Transport Posters - Chris Osborne [6] (ITO World) slideshare
15:10 State GeoMob Application Challenge vimeo - outdoor navigation for your Blackberry - Create and share your maps slideshare - the geospatial architects - Augmented reality on the android - Sprxmobile [7]
GeoMob Application Challenge Part 2 vimeo - John McKerrel [8] - See where friends are, share locations, view local info. - Open Mult-purpose Mobile Information System - plan a cycle journey slideshare
GeoMob Application Challenge Part 3 vimeo - real-time location awareness applications - presentation, analysis and data management services to the transport sector - Chris Osborne - visual analytics through maps - Andy Turner - free online position tracking to anyone
GeoMob Application Challenge Part 4 vimeo - Offline maps for iPhone & iPod Touch - Felix Lamouroux
9:00 State Keynote - Steve Coast vimeo mov m4v
9:30 State Beyond Good Enough? Spatial Data Quality and OSM - Muki Haklay vimeo slideshare mov m4v
10:00 State Is volunteered geographic information sustainable? - Steven Feldman vimeo slideshare mov m4v
10:20 State Geographic Intelligence via an Open Strategy - Gary Gale (Yahoo!) vimeo slideshare mov m4v
11:20 State The State of Germany - Frederick Ramm vimeo mov m4v
11:30 State The State of Canada - Richard Weait vimeo mov m4v
11:40 State The State of Ukraine - Igor Shubovych vimeo slideshare mov m4v
11:50 State The State of France - Emilie Lafray vimeo slideshare mov m4v
12:00 State (lightning) Mapping Antigua - Steve Chilton slideshare mov m4v
12:05 State (lightning) NMA data & OSM tech slideshare mov m4v
12:10 State (lightning) 3D mapping in Japan: OSM challenge in 3D town Tokyo Japan - Miurahr vimeo mov m4v
12:15 State (lightning) GPSMid - Markus Bäurle slideshare mov m4v
14:00 State The Big License Panel Debate - part 1 vimeo
14:00 State The Big License Panel Debate - part 1 vimeo
15:00 State Community Smoothness - Harry Wood slideshare mov m4v [9]
15:15 State OpenStreetView - Crowdsourced Street-level Imagery - John McKerrell
16:10? State (lightning) Mapping Multan, Pakistan - Asif Rasul vimeo mov m4v
16:10? State (lightning) Mapping Punjab, India - Prof. H S Rai vimeo slideshare mov m4v
16:10? State (lightning) State of Romania - Ciprian Talaba vimeo mov m4v
16:10? State (lightning) OSM Moldova - Anatolie Golovco vimeo mov m4v
16:35 State (lightning) Open Habana Map - Jorge L. Batista (PB) vimeo slideshare mov m4v [10]
16:40 State Integrating OpenStreetMap, satellite imagery, and custom maps into Wikipedia - Katie Filbert mov m4v
16:50 State Meta-mapping: some powerful style sheet techniques - Graham Asher mov m4v
17:10 State Free and Open Palestine - Mikel Maron vimeo slideshare mov m4v (broken link?)
11:20 Map Location Based Services and 3D Visualization based on OSM - Martin Over
11:40 Map Building a mobile information system - Richard Spindler
12:00 Map Open Paper Maps - Mike Migurski vimeo pdf
14:00 Map Review of OSM related projects at LogiSim (UPC) - Jaume Figueras
14:15 Map OpenStreetMap standalone server as a core of system for environmental data publication for wide public in Ireland - Blazej
14:30 Map Rendering OSM Maps in your Browser - Tels
14:45 Map An OpenStreetMap application for navigating pedestrian-based areas - Laura Slivinski
15:00 Map osmFuel: A social app for maintaining fuel station metadata by non OSM users - Adolf Hohl
15:15 Map Bridging the Gap: Using OSM Data with GIS Tools - Jochen Topf PDF
9:15 State lazyosm. The OpenStreetMap Wishlist - Everyone ideas, #lazyosm, pdf of tweets
9:45 State The OSM Spirit - Jochen Topf vimeo
10:00 State The good, the bad and the ugly - Peter Miller vimeo mov m4v
11:00 State Cartagen and GSS: maps that change, move and tell stories - Jeffrey Warren vimeo mov m4v
11:15 State Volunteer Generated Maps - How 'Value' Changes Everything - Christopher J. Parker mov m4v
11:30 State Twinverse: a virtual world base on maps - Joaquin Keller
11:45 State CycleStreets - UK-wide cycle journey planner and photomap - Martin Lucas-Smith slideshare mov m4v website
12:00 State How Testing helped the API 0.6 Migration - Shaun McDonald slideshare mov m4v The Rails Port/Testing
12:15 State How People Search for Locations - Ed Freyfogle vimeo mov m4v
12:30 State (lightning) State of Vietnam - Khanh Le Ngoc Quoc ustream slideshare mov m4v
12:35 State (lightning) State of Egypt - Abdelrahman Hassan vimeo mov m4v
11:00 Map Improve the Bottom Line with OpenStreetMap - Richard Weait
11:15 Map Making Money with OpenStreetMap - Frederik Ramm vimeo
11:30 Map Flirting with the music industry - Edward Mac Gillavry
12:15 Map The Africover Import - Lessons Learned and Next Steps - Robert Soden vimeo
12:15 Map A New Way To Amsterdam - Andrew Larcombe slideshare
12:15 Map The Open Geo Group - Marc Vloemans
13:50 State (lightning) Constraint Databases - Stephan De Konink vimeo mov m4v [11]
13:55 State (lightning) Mapping Relief - Steve Chilton vimeo slideshare mov m4v
14:00 State (lightning) OSM2GO - Mobile mapping for Internet Tablets - Henry from Finland slideshare mov m4v [12]
14:05 State (lightning) Mapping of Historical Sites in Japan - Kinya Inoue (ikiya) vimeo slidesharemov m4v
14:10 State (lightning) A few paleo ideas on data quality - Peter Batty mov m4v(buggy)
14:15 State (lightning) 20 Things You Never Knew About Potlatch - Richard Fairhurst vimeo slideshare mov m4v
14:20 State (lightning) State of Croatia - Drazen Odobasic vimeo mov m4v
14:25 State (lightning) Accessibility and OSM - Lulu-Ann pdf Presentation starts in the middle of the file mov m4v
14:30 State Mapping History (starting with Manchester) - Frankie Roberto vimeo slideshare mov m4v
14:45 State Open Historical Map slideshare mov m4v
15:00 State Nationaal Archief: Mapping Collective History Together - Edward MacGillavry, Thijs van Exel & Judith Moortgat mov m4v
15:10 State Bringing OSM to schools! - Sarah Manley mov m4v
14:15 Map (lightning) The State of Chile - Julio Costa Zambelli slideshare
14:15 Map (lightning) The State of Gauteng - Nic Roets slides
14:15 Map (lightning) The State of Brazil - Arlindo Pereira, Claudomiro Jr. youtube slideshare
14:30 Map Integrating other Geo Data with OSM - Cragg Nilson
14:45 Map FreeIT and OpenStreetMap - Cristina Moretto
15:00 Map Enterprise and Government Visualisation Analytics using OpenStreetMap - Andrew Turner
15:10 Map An iPhone app for OSM editing - Oleg Shaniuk vimeo slideshare
16:00 State The State of Italy - Simone Cortesi vimeo mov m4v slideshare
16:10 State The State of the USA - Dirk Munson mov m4v
16:20 State The State of Spain - Iván Sánchez Ortega slideshare mov m4v
16:30 State Advanced OSM Cartography - Andy Allan vimeo slideshare mov m4v transcript
16:50 State Closing remarks (and auction) - Henk Hoff

We also had a /Poetry Competition which took place in the Chinese restaurant.

The State of the Map conference 2009

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