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This page exists so we can try to organise transport links from and to the airports to the State Of The Map 2009 conference. Not sure how to travel there? See Getting there

Please add your username, arrival or departure time and date, and flight number.

AMS (Amsterdam airport)


  • Wed Jul 8th 19:35 KL1116 from Stockholm MikeCollinson
  • Thu Jul 9th 09:10 WW1011 from BHX Blackadder
  • Thu Jul 9th 11:45 TP668 from Rio de Janeiro through LIS Nighto
  • Thu Jul 9th 14:00 AF1740 from Santiago (SCL) through CDG Julio Costa
  • Thu Jul 9th 14:20 IB3246 from MAD fredyrivera
  • Thu Jul 9th 17:50 EZY3005 from STN TomH
  • Thu Jul 9th 18:20 IBE3250 from MAD Ivansanchez
  • Thu Jul 9th 19:30 AZ899 from Cairo through MXP Abdelrahman Hassan
  • Fri Jul 10th 18:00 WW5477 from East Midlands Richard
  • Fri Jul 10th 11:15 MP618V from Havana, Cuba PB


  • Sun Jul 12th 19:50 WW1016 to BHX Blackadder
  • Sun Jul 12th 21:05 BA443 to LHR Ollie
  • Sun Jul 12th 21:10 KL1121 to Stockholm MikeCollinson
  • Sun Jul 12th 21:30 WW5480 to East Midlands Richard
  • Sun Jul 12th 21:55 EZY3010 to STN TomH
  • Mon Jul 13th 06:25 TP179 to Rio de Janeiro through LIS Nighto
  • Mon Jul 13th 08:00 AF8229 to Santiago (SCL) through CDG Julio Costa
  • Mon Jul 13th 15:10 IBE3251 to MAD Ivansanchez
  • Mon Jul 13th 13:45 MP617L to Havana PB

Flight statuses can be checked at

Amsterdam Central Station (Railway)


  • Thu Jul 9th 19:36 9343 from Brussels (via Eurostar departing London 12:57 9131) Smsm1, Cnilson, Harry Wood
  • Fri Jul 10th 17:03 or 18:03 (depending on connections) from Brussels (via Eurostar departing London 10:57) Nickw


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The State of the Map conference 2009