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OSM and I

I've dreamed of having a digital map of Cairo since my freshman years, even tried to put together my own little map once using CAD software. A few years ago commercial entities started digitizing maps and offering map/GIS data of Cairo for sale, but they cost an arm and a leg, and of course come with all the usual silly usage restrictions. I first learned about OSM at Wikimania 2008 where Mikel was giving a presentation, and it was like a revelation. My dream is now coming true through the cyber-collaboratin of fellow OSM'ers. I think it's the most exciting crowd sourcing project in existence! I want to spread the word about OSM in Cairo and Egypt in general and kickstart a real mapping community. I organize mapping parties in Cairo on a regular basis.

GPS Hardware

General Stuff

  • I'm particularly interested in applications such as routing and locating nearby POIs. My current DREAM is real-time crowd-generated traffic congestion data!
  • I attended SoTM 2009, which was a blast! I gave a lightning talk about State of Egypt.
  • I gave several workshops & interviews about OSM in Egypt and the region, including the Arab Blogger's Conference 2.0
  • Current Project: 100% complete Nasr City, including building outlines, addressing, and POIs. Need help! Please contact if you're interested.
  • Future Projects: Mapping Cairo's Slums (with generous help from Open Society Institute)