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My name's Nick Whitelegg, amongst other things I'm the developer of Freemap, the countryside-orientated OSM renderer. Also developed osmeditor2, though my attentions are now turning to adding extra features to JOSM.

My main interests in OSM are in surveying countryside data for use by walkers; I would particularly encourage more walkers to get involved in OSM. My surveying activities centre on the Southampton area, both the city and the surrounding countryside such as the New Forest and the Downs outside Winchester. I also contributed that great slab of data you'll probably notice roughly midway between here and London... this was the original footpath data from Freemap when it used its own standalone database.

Current projects and interests:

  • Mapping the countryside areas surrounding Southampton
  • Mapping Southampton and outlying towns
  • Developing Freemap
  • Making GPS base maps from OSM data
  • Adding additional features to JOSM - rendering nodes and ways differently according to tagging; adding Landsat and SRTM support