State Of The Map 2009/Ideas

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The following ideas were listed during a Sunday morning Q & A session with the whole SOTM crowd putting forward their main wishes for improvements to OpenStreetMap:

Ideas to pursue (to sort)

Twitter search for the official hashtag #lazyosm saved search on slideshare

Web interface

  • enable upload of tracks in other formats as GPX. Save a default for each user.
  • front page of more diverse for different user groups
  • add forum link to the homepage
  • same account for API and Wiki
  • fix username login (no need for small case, no spaces)
  • sending messages to people within bounding box
  • RSS-feed/Mailing to get infos about newly approved features
  • better access to GPX data, via API and dump of sorts
  • link to a quality assurance page showing all the good tools we have (e.g. keepright, tiger tidy, ...)

Map (display) improvements

  • mapping for disabled people, tactile paving - Results so far see OSM_for_the_blind
  • treasure hunt game which at the same time collects geodata
  • WMS OSM Mapnik server
  • XAPI wanted back and stable!
  • OpenHikingMap, OpenSeaChart, OpenAeroChart for all the world
  • proper internationalization support, transliteration
  • quick preview with all the renderers with my changes, side-by-side
  • dynamic POIs (switch categories on/off, show description if mouse hovers over)


  • ortho snap for JOSM
  • open hardware in devices
  • weekly mailing list summary on opengeodata
  • "Send an ecard with you location"-Interface
  • Make accessible tools for the blind (command line interface), for instance download OSM data along a GPS track