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I'm Peter Batty, I'm a Brit living in the USA, in downtown Denver, hosted the first mapping party there (and several since), and am an active mapper.

I've worked in the geospatial industry for 20+ years. I am currently Vice President of Geospatial Technology at Ubisense. I'm on the Advisory Boards of Fortius One and PublicEarth. I have previously been CTO at 2 of the 3 largest geospatial software companies, Intergraph and Smallworld (now part of GE). I have been a founder of two startups, Spatial Networking, and Ten Sails, the company that provided early stage funding to and later merged with Ubisense, and I've worked as Chief Technology Advisor at Enspiria Solutions. I consulted with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help them initiate the AGCommons Project, focused on improving the incomes and lives of small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa through location-specific information.

I have done a lot to promote OSM by discussing it in various conference presentations around the world, and on my blog and twitter. I gave a keynote talk at State of the Map 2009.

Some video presentations:

I'm contactable at

  • email:
  • home phone: +1 303 296 2651
  • mobile phone: +1 720 346 3954
  • blog: geothought