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I live in west Leeds and do some tracking whenever possible, on foot, bike or car. I have had less time for this since mid 2009 and have done more armchair mapping using JOSM

I have a Holux bluetooth GPS which I used to connect to TrekBuddy on my Nokia 6230i. In September 2012 I got an Android phone (Huawei Ascend G300), which has an integral GPS. I'm still trying out a range of Android mapping apps.

In areas already well mapped (like Leeds city centre), I've been adding POIs like shops by making a voice recording on my phone as I walk around.

Tracing activity

Around January 2009, I added a little to the Warrington area, using Yahoo imagery. I'm not familiar with that area though, so I can't name any features.

From April 2010, I have been tracing data from OS StreetView in areas I know about, especially Leeds, Keighley and Tyneside.

When Bing imagery as made available, I started using that to add detail, particularly in rural areas near places I know. Along with names taken from OSSV, I often add things like farms and streams.