SotM 2010 session:Tuning the Mapnik Rendering Chain

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State Of The Map 2010 Session
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My talk about what you can do to speed up those osm2pgsql imports and tile rendering processes, mostly comparing run times for certain operations under different hardware and software conditions.

I had interesting conversations after the talk about various other possibilities to improve performance further. Serge suggested fiddling with the Linux IO scheduler which could give up to 5% extra disk performance. I might also try to approach the issue from another side - "what is the minimum hardware configuration you should have to achieve a decent performance".

Slides here, Conference recording here.

Frederik Ramm

After the talk I was asked about recommendations for a setup in the 8 GB RAM standard dedicated server size class. I am currently running some tests. Preliminary results:


Note that this uses slightly faster-than-average SATA disks.