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Bem-vindo à comunidade brasileira do OpenStreetMap!

Brasil, América do Sul
GD: -10.333333 -53.2
GMS: 10°20′00.00″ S 53°12′00.00″ W
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Wikidata: WikidataQ155


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Brasil é um país em América do Sul.

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Projetos da comunidade


Kaart Groundwork & Editing

Kaart conducts ground surveys for improvements to OSM data. A list of editors can be found on the Kaart wiki page.

  • Mapillary imagery from the Brazil drives can be viewed here as they are uploaded.
[1] Tracks driven during Kaart's ground survey in Manaus. Imagery provided by Bing.

Manaus (February, 2020)

Ground Focus
  • The primary focus for ground surveys is adding street names, missing geometry, and one-ways.
Post Processing
  • After the ground survey has been conducted, our office team focuses on reviewing the footage gathered and updating street names by integrating the current data and physical road signs.
  • The team adds turn restrictions, barriers, pedestrian crossings, ref tags, surfaces to roads, lanes, classifications, destination tags, and additional missing geometry.
Suggested Community Edits
  • After incorporating the available data from the ground survey and processing the footage we will compile suggested edits for the region.

The ground survey of Manaus was conducted by Kaart Team members Whimsical Otter and kaartense.