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Jamaica, Caribbean, North America
latitude: 18.141, longitude: -76.972
Browse map of Jamaica 18°08′27.60″ N, 76°58′19.20″ W
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Jamaica is a country in Caribbean, North America at latitude 18°08′27.60″ North, longitude 76°58′19.20″ West.

Administrative boundaries

Jamaica is divided into fourteen parishes as follows:

National Parks

  • Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park


The Jamaican road network is quite extensive and varied. To adequately capture the complexities the following tagging scheme is suggested. In addition the surface tag can be applied to specify the type of surfacing. This is particularly useful to record unsurfaced roads.

Type Description Suggested tags
Highway2000 Modern freeways highway=trunk + ref= + name=
A Older main roads that still represent primary routes highway=primary + ref=A#
B Secondary routes highway=secondary + ref=B#
Parochial Roads maintained by the parishes highway=tertiary + designation=parochial + name=
Parochial Smaller or less direct roads that are also maintained by the parishes highway=unclassified + designation=parochial + name=
Unclassified Other roads outside of residential areas that aren't maintained by the parishes highway=unclassified, name=

List of major roads

Ref Description Relation, if applicable
A1 Kingston to Lucea
A2 Spanish Town to Savanna-la-Mar
A3 Kingston to Saint Ann's Bay
A4 Kingston to Annotto Bay
B1 Kingston to Buff Bay
B2 Bog Walk to White Hall
B3 May Pen to Brown's Town
B4 Trout Hall to Walderston
B5 Shooters Hill to Jackson Town
B6 Montpelier to Shooters Hill
B7 Shettlewood to Baptist
B8 Savanna-la-Mar to Montego Bay
B9 Lucea to Savanna-la-Mar
B10 Oxford to Duncans
B11 Falmouth to Claremont
B12 Freetown to May Pen
B13 Linstead to Oracabessa
B15 Montego Bay to Falmouth