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Alphabetically sorted complete list of projects using especially data from OpenStreetMap.
For any page using just the OSM Map see OSM Internet Links. For smaller user favourites lists see:

The term free materials is what you would colloquially refer to as "open". A project which makes its building blocks - be that software, algorithms, works of art - available to a degree that allows everyone to duplicate it should be labelled "yes", and a project where relevant bits - data processing scripts, rendering stylesheets, or CSS files - are hidden in a black box should be labelled "no".

See also Free and Open License.


Name, link Genre Language(s) Description Free materials Image
AddisMap Local, POI. English, አማርኛ (Amharic), Deutsch (German) Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) city map with POI locator
? screenshot.png
Agilogik GmbH Maps, tile server, routing, geocoding, reverse Geocoding. English, Deutsch (German) Worldwide tile server and services for commercial use. [Details and more information]
Baidu Maps Routing. 中文 (Chinese) World map outcome of OSM for the part outside China. See citation license footer.
Baidu Paris.png
Bexhill-OSM Local, POI, routing. English A developed fork from 'POIs on a Map' below. Show POIs in the current area of the map using OverpassAPI, plot walking directions, address search, reverse lookups. yes See. Bexhill-OSM.jpg
BuioMetria Partecipativa Crowd, weather. italiano (Italian) Displays darkness of the sky measured with Sky Quality Meter. Further information.
CartoDB Data visualization, cartography, tool. English Online datavisualization tool built on a FLOSS stack, also providing free OSM tiles. yes Cartodb light tile.png
Cartogiraffe Transport, biking, hiking and standard maps. English Mobile friendly online map with standard, transport, bicycle and hiking maps. partial embed map on webpage.
Dark Sky Weather. English The Dark Sky Company specializes in weather forecasting and visualization.
Distance Calculator Tool. English Create paths, measure length and export to .GPX or .KMZ
Distance calculator
EMAH-Ärzte Specific. Deutsch (German) Show the nearest physician certified for grown-up patients with congenital heart defects. Has some gimmicks like navigation by button tables and 2D (rectangular) markings.
EMAHarztliste Screenshot.png
EnergyMap Energy. Deutsch (German) In future will show how much energy is produced in Germany by solar power.
EnergyMap Screenshot.png
FacilMap [1] General, routing, share, social, interaction. English Different OSM renderings, search and draggable routes, create custom maps with live collaboration where markers, lines, routes and GPX/KML/GeoJSON/OSM files can be added. yes
Freemap [2] English Project to create free and annotatable maps of the UK countryside. Users can add countryside-specific data on top of the maps. Mobile Java Client is worked on (see wiki-page). yes See. Freemap screenshot.png POI, routing. English, slovenčina (Slovakian) Map with tons of features, p.e. measurement of distance and area, fullscreen, bicycle and hiking routes, POIs, hills, downloadable Maps for several devices, various possibilities to export maps, routing and searching, and so on. Most of the features cover only region of Slovakia, more.
Freemap Slovakia Screenshot.png
FreieTonne Seamap navigation. Deutsch (German) Slippy Map with POI Overlay representing Seamap Information like Ports, Buoys and other seamarks even for whitewater. Apache-based offline Navigation and mapping-tools. Support for making your own maps for Ozi, BitMap (iPhone), Seaclear... yes FreieTonne screenshot.png
Khtmlib [3] Routing. English Superfast zooming Slippy map without OpenLayers.
OpenTopoMap Topography. Deutsch (German) Topographical maps of Europe. yes CC-BY-SA Bamberg in OpenTopoMap.png
Geofabrik Map Tool. English A full-screen Slippy Map with several different map views. yes (JS) Geofabrik map screenshot.png
Gmaps Pedometer [4] Planning, routing, share, export, GPS. English A Slippy Map that allows drawing of routes and calculates the distance travelled and shows elevations nicely.
Hitchwiki Maps English, 中文 (Chinese), Nederlands (Dutch), suomi (Finnish), français (French), Deutsch (German), magyar (Hungarian), italiano (Italian), lietuvių (Lithuanian), polski (Polish), português (Portuguese), română (Romanian), русский (Russian), español (Spanish) Worldmap for hitchhikers, showing hitching places with rating and description. Editable by everybody. yes CC-BY-SA Hitchwiki screenshot.png
inViu routes Tracking, tracing, geofence alarms, location based reminders, GPS pictures, POIs, track recording. English, français (French), Deutsch (German), español (Spanish) record / share tracks, record / share POIs, record / share GPS pictures, create location based reminders, display current position of other users, route to POI, route to GPS picture, speed / altitude graph, gpx export of tracks, track statistics, color of the track on the map depends on the speed, many individual settings for route recording, GPS power saving, ignition recognition, assignment of POIs, GPS pictures and tracks to each other, POIs, tracks, geo-notes and GPS pictures together on an OpenStreetMap map

free upload of track data to; geofence alarms and map view in any web browser.
yes InViu routes.png
ITO Map Various special maps. English many special maps by ITO, showing only one feature or a family of features. Available map groups: Agriculture, Air transport, Boundaries, Buildings and structures, Bus and coach, CPRE public, Cycling, Freight, Highways, Historic, Landuse, OpenStreetMap fixup, Ordnance Survey open data, Power and communications, Railways, Recent OpenStreetMap edits, Road safety, Sports and leisure, Statistics, TIGER, Urban, Walking and hiking, Waterways
Building heights strip.png
Show Your Places [5] Tool. English, Deutsch (German), français (French) Images gallery with pictures displayed on map. yes See. Screenshot london.jpg
Sapo maps General, render, routing. português (Portuguese) Portuges telecom operator webpage with map of shop places, search and routing.
Sputnik General, render, routing. русский (Russian) Russian website that provides search of state services, POI's and routing to them and safe search. partial Moskow.png
Carte des caméras de surveillance en France français (French) Overlay French surveillance camera on OSM map using OpenLayers. yes surveillance-map Overlay that visualizes CCTV cams.
Terrain by Stamen General English Terrain representation of map. yes
Source terrain.jpg
Toner by Stamen Art English Black and white representation of map yes
Source toner.png
t@h Browse Map Render, OSM tool. - Simplistic map, running w/o javascript/AJAX; trouble-free on less advanced browser (e.g. mobile devices) or behind restrictive firewalls. yes T@h Browse map screenshot.png
TerpNav Pedestrian Maps Local. English Very detailed map of the Campus at Hyattsville with event- and locationfinder and detailed (pedestrian-) routing.
TerpNav screenshot.png Local. English Map of the Isle of Man
Isle of Man.png
TopOSM Topographic English Topographic maps based on OSM data. (Currently) limited to the United States. Lars Ahlzen. yes See. Toposm map1 crop.jpg
Vessel Tracker Maritime, tracking. English Shows sea vessels on top of OSM slippy map. Sea Vesseltracker screenshot.png
WebMapService of Europe [6] Render. English Hillshade, distance and area measurement, displaying information about map features and POIs; weekly geodata update. partial Osm-wms-europe.JPG
Wikishire map Local. English Map of the counties of Great Britain and Ireland. Uses the traditional colours for Motorways, A and B roads familiar to British and Irish users. yes Wikishire Map.png
OSMapa Topographic. polski (Polish) Style: OSMapa-Topo with hiking trails yes
Wikimedia Commons Overlay Image. English Shows overlay of georeferenced Wikimedia commons images under different render of OSM. yes See. Commons on OSM screenshot.png Business. English Geo QR-Code generator for a selected point on the map. Selection of the QR-Code foreground and background color. Distance measurement in kilometers, miles, and nautical miles. Creating a short link to a path on the map. yes Openbizmap.png Photo. 中文(台灣)‎ (Traditional Chinese) Aerial images provided by Taiwan government. yes Ngis-afasi-gov-tw.png
Tracks Optimizer Online Tool, GPX, tracking. English GPX Tracks Optimizer Online Service using Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm. yes at Github. Gpx-optimizer.png
Polar Viewer Map, POI English Map of Antarctica.
Polar Viewer - Antarctica.png
StartPage/Ixquick Search, Map. English Anonymized search engine, using OSM based data as map. See description (Ixquick is another brand, but identical service, see description for Ixquick).
KeplerJs Social, OSM tool. English The open source Geosocial platform. Documentation. yes at Github.


Some artistic maps using OSM data

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
8-Bit Cities Art English Different major cities in 8-Bit console style graphic style yes 8-Bit Cities London.png
Data Temperature Art, stats English How 'hot' is a city dataset? yes 110911-SOTM11-sample-slide.png
OpenWhateverMap Art English Using different tile source to create a mixed style mosaic map Yes OpenWhateverMap screenshot.png
Paint with maps Art English Draw Images using map tiles in a puzzle like way. no Antmap.png
Pretty Maps Art English Very artistic map data representation yes Prettymaps screenshot.png
Watercolour by Stamen Art English Watercoloured representation of map yes watercolor.jpg
Treasure Maps Art English OSM map data visualized in "vintage style" to get a look like an old sketchy map, a treasure map or a pirate map.
Sketchy Maps with TileMill.png Art English Styled city and regional maps for a growing number of cities around the world - also offers shp file data for admin boundaries yes

Biking, Geocaching, Hiking, Sport

Name, Link Genre Language Description Free materials Image
4UMaps Hiking, Mountainbiking, Offline Maps, Map service English Outdoor map with hillshading, elevation lines for hiking and biking. Download free offline maps yes 4umaps.png
Access Map Biking Deutsch Colouring by access=* restriction tags yes Access Map screenshot.png
Bicycle Routes by Pifpafpuf Biking, Export, GPS, Planning, Tool English Create and download gpx tracks or edit your uploaded ones for planning routes by bike. partial
(OSM Mapnik + Openlayer + jersey)
Bicycle Routes PiffPaffPuff.png
Bicycle tags map Biking English Customizable view of cycling related tags yes Osm cycleways.png Biking English Cycle route-planner with draggable routes and custom mapping for Western Europe and North America, run by Richard no
Cycle Map Australia Biking, Map service English Cycle Routes and Lanes within Australia. Works on desktop and mobile browsers. yes CycleMapAustralia.png
Geocaching Hiking English, Deutsch, français, čeština, polski, español, eesti, magyar, 한국어, norsk bokmål, Nederlands, português, svenska, dansk, suomi, latviešu no Geocaching-Maps-Beta screenshot.png
GeMeDeplace français Showing different trails and cycleways in the French alps.
GeMeDeplace screenshot.png
Hike & Bike Map [7] Bike, Hiking English A Slippy Map for hiking and biking with hillshading, contours and route symbols yes see Hike n bike festung koenigstein.png
Munzee QR Code, game, geocaching English Scavenger hunt game where items (mostly QR codes) are found in the real world and captured using a smartphone. Mapnik and OpenCycleMap options. No Munzee-OSM-view.png
OMA Biking, QR Code, Tourism slovenčina Description of hiking and cycling trails, various amenities near the trail. Listing of trails by regions. Listing of amenities and POI by regions. yes Screenshot
MTB map Europe[8] Biking čeština English Mountain bike map of Europe (recently extended from Czech Republic) yes see MTB Mapa screenshot.png
Nop's Reit- und Wanderkarte [9] Hiking, Horseback riding Deutsch, English, italiano Dedicated trail riding and hiking map with shaded hills, elevations, tracktypes and route symbols. Originated in Germany, it shows Europe from Portugal to Hungary and from southern Sweden to Italy and Greece. Matching suite of slippy map, Garmin map, route editor, print map, places search and customized editor for hiking. Offers routing for hikers and riders. No Osmc riding map screen1.png
OpenCycleMap [10] Biking English Slippy map with contours, hill colouring, cycle routes, bicycle parking and cafes that do fryups. no CycleLayer2.png Hiking cz, English Czech OpenStreetMap with hiking trails overlay yes see screenshot.png
OpenTrailView [11] Hiking, Photo English Geolocate Photos of trails, paths,... and stitch them together in a Google StreetView like way yes See OpenTrailView screenshot.png
OpenWandelKaart [12] Hiking Nederlands Hiking map for Netherlands
OpenWandelKaart, screenshot.png
PNK map Biking čeština Custom bicycle rendering for Prahou na kole (Prague on bike) yes on sourceforge PNK map.png
Hiking/mri Hiking français Showing shelter POIs on a French map yes, see configuration color-shade Aster screenshot.png
Bicycle Access Map Biking Deutsch Shows access rights for cyclists and useful amenities like parking and compressed air stations yes, see Configuration Style Velo access map screenshot.jpg
XC Ski Trail Map [13] Winter sports English,Deutsch, Wiki: Deutsch Shows cross-country ski runs around the world
XC Ski Trail Map screenshot.png Winter sports asturianu, català, čeština, Deutsch, English, español, suomi, français, magyar, italiano, 日本語, Nederlands, norsk nynorsk, русский, sámegiella, українська Yet another ski map! yes Pistes-nordiques-screenshot.png
European Navigable Waterways (map) Inland Navigation English Map showing inland waterways (Europe). partial European Navigable Waterways map.png Biking English Worldwide overview of MTB routes, MTB routing, MTB route details with elevation profile and points of interest no
Trackspotting MTB, Biking English, Deutsch, italiano Collection of mountain bike trails. Users are free to add, create, edit and delete contents. All the tracks are showed on the world map and can be searched by name. yes
Waymarked Trails Biking, Hiking, MTB, Inline, Riding, Skiing many Worldwide maps for various outdoor activities. Shows routes including the route symbols. With hillshading and relief. yes see github Kullaberg Waymarked Trails 1.png
Cycle Maps Biking, MTB English Worldwide Cycle maps and Routes for Biking no
Updownmap Biking, Hiking English Routing combined with elevation chart; Socializing no Updownmapsmall.png
TrailAnalizer MTB English, italiano Collection of MTB trails uploaded by users with detailed descriptions derived by tags highway and mtb:scale no Logo 2.png Hiking română Hiking routes in Romania, export to KML  ?
haihui (repo) Hiking română Collection of hiking maps, optimized for mobile use  ? Haihui.png
Waypointer POI, Hiking, Export many Service for POI search, POI management and POI sharing. User can easily download POIs in different formats or upload own points. yes Waypointer.png

History, Archaeology, Monument

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Archäologie in OSM History, Archaeology Deutsch Archäologie in Deutschland yes Archäologie in Germany.png History, Portal, Tourism italiano, English A portal for cultural tourism in the Region of Latium, Italy. The cartography is based on Openstreetmap and rendered with Geoserver. The portal contains background information and multimedia files for thousands of places, monuments and archaeological sites.
Futouring screenshot.png
HistOSM [14] History, Monument English, Deutsch Historic Information/Sites
HistOSM screenshot.png
Old Oakland History English Showing historical maps of Oakland on top of a own OSM map
Old Oakland screenshot.png
Karte mit Stolpersteine-Layer Monument, History Deutsch Showing Wikipedia-16px.png Stolperstein on Wikipedia on OSM map. yes screenshoot.png
Karte mit Grenzsteinen Sachsen-Preußen 1815 History Deutsch Historische Landesgrenze Königreich Sachsen Königreich Preußen 1815 (Wiener Kongress) yes Karte mit Grenzsteinen Sachsen-Preußen 1815 screenshot.png
Sächsische Postmeilensäulen History Deutsch Karte mit Sächsische Postmeilensäulen und Poststraßen yes Sächsiche Postmeilensteine screenshot.png
Historic.Place History dansk, čeština, Deutsch, English, español, français, galego, Nederlands, português do Brasil, română, русский, Türkçe, 日本語 Weltweite Karte Historischer Objekte in OSM yes H-karte.png


Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
F4 Map 3D English WebGL technology, 3D buildings on a flat map, rotatable, shadows depending on time of day, visible rain depending on weather conditions. no F4 3d Screenshot.png
fgmap [15] simulator English Real-time OSM map of flight position in FlightGear yes Osmroads1.jpg
Glosm English OpenGL hardware-accelerated 3D renderer (both tile renderer and realtime first-person engine) yes
Isometric 3D map of Czech republic čeština, English Isometric 3D map of Czech republic (OpenKýblMap). A static Map renderer is at [16] yes(OL) OpenKyblMap-preview.png
Isometric 3D maps 3D English Isometric 3D maps of some cities (Berlin, Braunschweig,Bremen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich, Rostock, New York (Manhattan), Oyten, Uetze, Scharnebeck, Radeberg) yes
Isometric 3D maps screenshoot.png
MapSurfer.NET [17] English The very well designed maps rendered by this renderer online including hillshading and 3D isometric buildings partial MSN Rostok 3D.png
Nutiteq 3D SDK for Android [18] Mobile English Android SDK supporting 3D buildings and 3D models on top of OSM flat map yes Mapxt 3d tallinn device.png
OSM2World Maps [19] 3D English Isometric slippy map of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and selected other locations worldwide created with OSM2World. yes
OSM2World Tiles Amrum 2012-01-24.png
OSM-3D [20] English Deutsch Virtual Globe with SRTM terrain data and 3D buildings partial
(client only, since 05/04/2011)
Osm3d globe2.jpg
OSM Buildings [21] 3D English Deutsch Digital city models from OSM and other open sources. Free 3D Viewer. Realtime data. Worldwide coverage. yes
X3Dtile [22] X3D English 3D scene binding osm tile rectangle for buildings. Format: X3D scene. yes
ESB osm2x3d.png


See inside building

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
OpenLevelUp [23] Interaction, Indoor, routing English OpenLevelUp allows to navigate inside levels of a building interactively and displays pictures from the web, Mapillary or Flickr yes Source OpenLevelUp shopping mall.png
OpenStationMap [24] Interaction, Indoor, routing English OpenStationMap is a project to map stations with routing, indoor, 3D and of course station specific features.
? screenshot.png




For just displaying GPS tracks, please have a look at Track drawing websites

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Agilogik GmbH Routing, Maps ,Tile Server, Geo Coding, Geo Reverse Coding English, Deutsch worldwide tile server and services for commercial use no [Details and more information]
BBBike [25] Routing dansk,Deutsch,English,
Routing focused on bikes (no. of traffic lights, height profile, lit, road surface, …)
? screenshot.png
Bike Citizens [26] Routing Deutsch, English, español, français Bike Citizens is a navigation app designed for and by cyclists, offers offline routing, predefined tours and various routing profiles
Finnder screenshot.jpeg
BRouter [27] Routing English BRouter: Let's get serious about bike routing. BRouter offers routing for trekking and cycling with predefined profiles and the ability to modify and upload custom profiles
CycleStreets [28] Routing English Bicycle routing and planning and photo map based on OpenStreetMap data and the OpenCycleMap for the British Isles. API available.
CycleStreets screenshot.jpg
FacilMap [29] General, Routing, Share, Social, Interaction English Different OSM renderings, search and draggable routes, create custom maps with live collaboration where markers, lines, routes and GPX/KML/GeoJSON/OSM files can be added. yes
KOMOOT Routing Routing, Hiking, Bike Deutsch calculate routes for mountain bikes, touring bikes and hiking taking your fitness level and elevation into account yes, see GraphHopper Komoot screenshot.png
Kurviger Routing, Motorcycle Deutsch, English, français, Ελληνικά, español Calculate curvy and fun routes for motorcyclists. Kurviger favours curves and slopes, while avoiding cities and highways. Generate loop trips with one click. Personalize the routing to your own riding style. yes, see GraphHopper Kurviger.jpg
Naviki Routing many Planning bicycle trips and routing and collecting GPS traces
Naviki screenshot.png
Nop's Reit- und Wanderkarte [30] Routing Deutsch, English, italiano Dedicated routing for hiking and horseback riding with multiple targets. Dynamic route options e.g. for following marked hiking routes or weather conditions. Options to modify caculated route manually, download or print it. No Osmc riding map screen1.png Routing română Portal combining OSM layers and routing no screenshot.png
OpenRouteService [31] Routing, Wheelchair routing čeština, dansk, Deutsch, English, español, français, hrvatski, magyar,italiano, Nederlands, polski, português, русский, , українська, 中文 Route navigation based on osm data and TMC for car, bike and pedestrian no
can see technical specification
OpenRouteService screenshot.png Routing Deutsch, English, français, italiano Routing with Leaflet slippy map for pedestrians (two types), cyclists (two types) and cars in Switzerland only (based on OSRM) yes, see OSRM (and links on page)
OpenTripPlanner Routing English A multimodal router combining OSM and Public transport tables yes [32] OpenTripPlanner screenshot.png
Ride the City Routing English, français, español, íslenska Bicycle routing based on OSM data. Coverage: Selected big cities (currently 42) in U.S., Canada, Australia, France, Spain, few cities in other countries. no RidetheCity.png [33] Routing, Wheelchair routing Deutsch Wheelchair-routing considering elevation, surface of highway and height of curbs yes[34] Rollstuhl-Routing screenshot.png
Route360° API Routing, Car, Walk, Bike, Public Transportation, Network analysis, Isochrone English,Deutsch Route360° visualizes the area which is reachable from a set of starting points in a given time and gives detailed routing information (walk, bike, car and public transportation) to targets. yes see R360.png
Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM) Routing български, čeština, Deutsch, dansk, Ελληνικά, English, español, suomi, français, italiano, Gaeilge, ქართული, latviešu, norsk bokmål, polski, português, română, русский, svenska, Türkçe A new fast routing service for car
covering the world
yes, [35] OSRM Paris - Vladivostok.jpg
Sputnik General, Render, Routing русский Russian website that provides search of state services, POI's and routing to them partial Moskow.png
uNav General, Routing several Map viewer and GPS navigator for Ubuntu Phone yes[36] UNav.png
YOURS [37] Routing English Yet another OpenStreetMap Route Service. Goal is to use OpenStreetMap data to make a routing website utilizing as much other (opensource) applications as possible. Routes can be exported as gpx, waypoints and other formats. yes[38] YourNavigation screenshot.png [39] Waterway Routing English Inland waterway routing (Europe) taking size of vessel into account. Based on Routino router-software yes[40] European Navigable Waterways map.png
GraphHopper [41] Road Routing Over 34 translations Fast routing for bikes, pedestrians and cars with worldwide coverage. Based on Open Source routing engine GraphHopper. yes[42] Routing graphhoppercom.png
Mapzen Turn-by-Turn (Valhalla) Routing English Worldwide routing by automobile, bus, foot, and bicycle. yes[43] Valhalla bike.png


Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Agilogik GmbH Dedicated Server and Services for commercial use of Maps,Tile Server, Routing, Geo Coding, Geo Reverse Coding English, Deutsch worldwide tile server and services for commercial use {{[Details and more information]}}
Osmocoder Geocoding Deutsch Geocoder für D no Osmocoder.png
Streets sweeping Service, parking, transport cs,en Service for alert on street sweeping in cities by sms and e-mails unknown
Bärn isch eso - Die Stadttour mit der Burgergemeinde Bern Community service, PR/image campaign Deutsch In sections as e.g. Hörbeiträge, Lieblingstouren or Praktisches use of OSM data and kind of OSM swiss style layer (download github) unknown 20140831
Open Brewpub Map Service, Fatory, Social, Food English, Deutsch Lists all pubs where you can get homebrew beer (Hausbrauerei) yes, [44], Scripts available on request. Die Hausbrauereikarte screenshot.png
OpenWLANMap Service, Geolocation, Tool English, Deutsch Collects positions of WLAN access points via crowdsourcing and provides geolocation without GPS yes, position data, tools, geolocation libraries [45]
openCuisineMap Service, Food English Displays your selected restaurants on the map yes, [46] OpenCuisineMap screenshot.png Service, Food Deutsch Shows cuisines of restaurants, cafes, etc. as little flags on the map. Additional information is available on click. Only D/A/CH region, at present. yes
Gastromap cui1.png
Veganes Bern Report, Food. Service Deutsch Nice example of data/multimedia journalism. BZ report by journalist and visual designer about situation of vegetarian life in the city of Bern supported by SOSM's uMap tool unknown
Free map service
20141104 psc02.png
VeganGuide Service, Food Deutsch Shows you where you can buy/eat vegan food worldwide yes Veganguide Karte screenshot.png
OpenLinkMap Interaction, POI, Time Deutsch, English, français, italiano, 日本語, русский Slippy map showing additional information on the map. yes Source Olm-details.png Interaction, POI, Time English Slippy map showing additional information on the map. Bootstrap powered yes Source
LizPoi Interaction, POI français Slippy map showing selected Poi. no Screenshot LizPoi.png
Playground Service Deutsch Find your kids the nearest playground yes, [47] Nearest Playground screenshot.png
Post- und Telefonkarte Communication Deutsch Shows postboxes and telephones with details on a map yes see Post- und Telefonkarte screenshot.png
OpenFireMap [48] Service, Emergency English Worldwide map showing fire stations and hydrants on different backgrounds yes Openfiremap screenshot.jpg
Lichtkarte Service, Enlightenment Deutsch German map using an overlay showing if streets, ways or areas are enlighted unknown Lichtkarte Screenshot.png
Vending machines for cigarretees shops, vending, cigarrettes Deutsch Based on Leaflet map using an overlay showing the vendingmachines for cigarettes. unknown
Wanderpferde Service, Sports, Tourism Deutsch Directory of accomodations for trail riders and horses in southern Germany. Also offers routing for horseback riding. no
Property search Service, EstateAgency English Nestoria - Property search in Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain), India, Brazil, Australia. unknown Nestoria.jpg
XAPI Viewer Service English, français, Nederlands Search and display any kind of tagged data yes (see about box)
Stadtgeflüster (Example Zürich) Service, Customer retention Deutsch Project for reader involvement by 3 Swiss newspapers (NZZ, Le Temps and TagesWoche). The readers can add POI's on a map by MapBox
Mileage Calculator QA English UK Distance and cost Calculator
TWG Mileage Calculator screenshot.png
CoinMap Payment English Map showing places where Bitcoin is accepted. yes Coinmap.png
QuiBitcoin Payment italiano Enhanced map showing places in Italy where Bitcoin is accepted. yes
OpenLoveMap Service Deutsch English Map showing some sex-related POIs.
Gesucht: Die grössten Ärgernisse im Stadtberner Verkehr by BZ graphic department Interactive service, involvement of readers Deutsch Project for reader involvement by BZ Berner Zeitung. The readers can add their points of traffic annoyance and other readers can comment/agree.
20140524 sc01png.png Service Deutsch English Map showing drinking waters sources. Apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are also provided.
? Service, Travel English Generates free custom self guided walking tours around London based upon choices such as length of tour and starting points. Uses OSM data for routing. no Screenshot CTGuides 20150929.png
streetdir español, français, English... POI searching
OSM Landuse English Landuse and landcover information
OpenAdvertMap Advertisement English Interactive map showing advertisement data of OSM yes (Source) OAM popup.png


Offer OSM maps and -data to endconsumers

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
123map Illustrator Export Export Deutsch Export map regions to Adobe Illustrator no 123map Illustrator Export Screenshot.png
4UMaps Export,Download Deutsch, English Download Free City Maps. yes KarlsruheCityMap.svg
Bigmap [49] Render English Tool to create big maps yes, [50] screenshot.png
Boundaries Map Export, visualization English Display and export of admin boundaries. no OSM Boundaries Map.png
cast a map Export Deutsch Online service for generating (small) personal free-of-charge maps. Individual styles can be used against payment. no
Creating and downloading your individual multimedia map Export Deutsch, English, español, multilingual Comfortable-to-use online service for creating maps with "needles" containing links to audio, photo, video. Example of a city-map yes Osm generator.png
EasyMap SlippyMap Generator Export English Deutsch Create comfortably a SlippyMap based on OpenLayers and OSM-Tiles with markers and different layers. no
(except JS and HTML ofc)
Easymap screenshot.png
Map-Illustrators Export English OpenStreetMap available in Adobe Illustrator, PDF and EPS format. Editable vector map layers vector for print and online purposes. no
MapOSMatic [51] Export, Print English, français, multilingual Export city maps as printer friendly PDF, SVG,... yes
MapOSMatic screenshot.png
OpenOrienteeringMap [52] Export English Maps without names to improve your orienteering or play games. Only Map and the ability to print as PDF
OpenOrienteeringMap of Ayala Center, Makati 2010-01-29.png
OSM POI Export Export English, Deutsch, Nederlands Export POI from OSM into different formats (TomTom overlay (ov2), Garmin (csv), gpx, kml, OziExplorer (wpt)), GeoJSON. ATM restricted to BeNeLux region. yes[53] OSM POI Exporter screenshot.png
Query-to-map Export English Online service for exporting POIs and lines as KML yes
Schwarzplan Deutschland Export Deutsch export of only all buildings in Germany as .SVG and .SHP yes Schwarzplan deutschland.png
Safety maps[54] Export, Emergency, Render, Print English handy maps printouts for disaster management no screenshot.png
Walking Papers [55] Export, Editing, Tool English Wizard to print a map area for drawing on it to contribute to OSM. Currently unavailable (2015-10-14). See Field Papers. yes, [56] Walking-papers.scan-example.jpg
Field Papers [57] Export, Editing, Tool English, Deutsch, français, русский Wizard to print an map area for drawing on it to contribute to OSM. yes, [58] Field Papers making an atlas.png
WeoGeo Market [59] Export English Request OSM data in multiple file formats for user-specified areas of interest. View quick walkthrough. yes Weogeo osm listing.png


Explore OSM data with more than just a slippy map and markers

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Cartagen [60] Interaction English Cartagen is an MIT Media lab project that renders OSM and other data in a HTML5 Canvas element dynamically on the client-side. yes[61] Cartagen- New york-screenshot.jpg
buildingequalsyes Interaction English An Interactive browser for buildings in OSM
EFA Interaction Deutsch An Interactive search engine for public transport time tables in Germany, displaying all bus- and train-stopps as overlay on OSM (mapnik)
Efa using osm.png
FacilMap [62] General, Routing, Share, Social, Interaction English Different OSM renderings, search and draggable routes, create custom maps with live collaboration where markers, lines, routes and GPX/KML/GeoJSON/OSM files can be added. yes
LinkedGeoData Browser Interaction English Shows used features of the current map area. RDF export as part of the semantic web analysis yes[63] LinkedGeoData Browser screenshot.png
MapBBCode Share Interaction, Tool English Import or draw paths and polygons and markers on a map, embed or share or export yes[64]
MapCraft Interaction, Tool Draw figures on maps MapCraft Pimlico screenshot.png
Mittelsachsen Atlas Interaction Deutsch One of the first OSM maps by German officials presenting POIs of Landkreis Mittelsachsen yes Mittelsachsen Atlas screenshot.jpg
Open and Free Map Interaction English Worldwide overlay on mapnik showing public transport routes and stops available no
OpenLayers Heatmap Interaction English Using OSM data for a heatmap in OpenLayers
OLHeatmap screenshot.png
OpenLevelUp [65] Interaction, Indoor English OpenLevelUp allows to navigate inside levels of a building interactively and displays pictures from the web, Mapillary or Flickr yes Source OpenLevelUp shopping mall.png
FLOSM Interaction, POI, Tool Deutsch, English, беларуская OSM with the Points of Interests of your choice, you can also download map as JPG or SVG.
? screenshoot.png
OSM POI Viewer Interaction, POI Deutsch, English, русский OSM with the Points of Interests of your choice yes OSMPOIscreen1.png
OpenLinkMap Interaction, POI, Time Deutsch, English, français, italiano, 日本語, русский Slippy map showing additional information on the map. yes Source Olm-details.png
openMarkers [66] POI multilingual Rating OSM places by price and discover the best places for your budget yes License OpenMarkers.png
OpenSeaMap [67] Interaction English, multilingual Nautical Chart
showing Ports, Marinas, Lights, Seamarks, etc.
with integrated Port Pilot Book
various formats, online and offline
Charts download
OpenStreetBrowser (cleanup: dead service) Interaction Interactively browse not only the map but also the contained information. yes
OpenStreetBrowser screenshot.png
OsmTransport Interaction English Shows public transportation services at selected cities. no OsmTransport screenshot.png
OSMViz Interaction English Animate/visualize things on a map. Uses Python. yes Buses moving2.jpg
ÖPNVKarte[68] Interaction Deutsch Map displaying routes of local public transportation (PSV) in Europe
ÖPNV-Karte screenshot.png
ShareMap Interaction, Export English Flash based map that can display OSM data from XAPI calls over the top of the basemap. Created to generate SVG images for Wikimedia partial screenshot.png
Stolpersteine[69] Interaction Deutsch Map displaying all small memorial bricks ("Stolpersteine") for killed Jews during the 2nd world war yes Stolpersteine screenshot.png
Treibstoffsorten Interaction Deutsch Presents all fuel stations in Germany and their type of fuel.
Treibstoffsorten screenshot.png
uMap Interaction, Tool English, español, français (on a production instance) Draw lines, markers, texts on OpenStreetMap base layers in a web map and share and collaborate with others yes Umap logo.png
Wikipedia-World Layer Interaction multilang Shows categorized overlay of georeferenced Wikipedia articles yes
Wikipedia on OpenStreetMap screenshot.png
Wikipedia overlay Interaction multilang Zoomzoomzoom map highlighting map objects that contain external links, such as those tagged with Key:wikipedia or Key:url, flickr, dopplr, etc.
OpenStreetMap with Wikipedia links screenshot.png
ZonesWIFI Interaction, POI, WIFI English, français Worldwide Wifi Hotspots from OSM. Locate me button and Search panel let zoom-in to a zone and see the WIFI hotspots. Navigator refresh Button to request Wifi hotspots for a new zone. yes
ZonesWIFI screenshot.png


Compare OSM maps with historic data or other commercial alternatives.

See also:

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Apple Map Tiles compare English Switching between Apple map, to OpenStreetMaps and Google Maps
? screenshoot.png
OpenStreetMap vs. iPhoto maps compare English Compare to layer maps displayed over each other : Apple Map, OSM Mapnik.
Geofabrik Map Compare compare English Two maps side by side. Several OpenStreetMap and Google maps are available. yes (JS) Geofabrik Map Compare screenshot.png
BBBike Map Compare compare English Map Compare shows up to 170 different maps from OpenStreetMap, Google, Bing, Yahoo, Mapquest, Esri and others side by side. With the admin console you can configure your own local tile server and compare the map with others. Service by BBBike_@_World, software based on Geofabrik Map Compare yes (JS) BBBike Map Compare screenshot.png
Iskalko Map Compare compare English, русский Three maps side by side. Several OpenStreetMap, Yandex maps and Google Maps are available.
? screenshot.png
MapJumper [71] compare English, français Jumping from map to map, keeping lat, lon & zoom, Up to 50 maps or services available yes
JS+PHP:on demand
OSMCompare compare English BEFORE and AFTER Compare Map shows the reactivity of the OSM community to update areas.
Osmcompare Before After.png
OSM vs. Google compare English Compare the coverage of the capitals between OSM and Google
OSM v GOOGLE screenshot.png
OSM with Streetview compare English Compare the coverage of UK between Ordnance Survey and OSM
Quadmap Compare QA English Compare 4 maps at the same time : OSM, Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps.
Quadmap compare screenshot.png
Sautter Transparent Map Comparison compare Compare two selectable Slippy Maps displayed over each other : Google Streets, Google MapMaker, Google Aerial, Google Physical as Base Layer OSM Mapnik, OSM Mapnik german style, OSM Cycle Map, ÖPNVKarte, Open Mapquest, Hillshading, Wanderkarte, ADFC Radwegenetz as Overlays. Very similar but with a shorter list of Overlays:
Transparent map comparison screenshot.png
Appspot Transp. Map Comparison compare Another transparent map comparison website.


Edit OSM data in a webbrowser. Mostly focused at a specific topic

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Amenity Editor [72] edit Deutsch Easily edit existing or create new POIs.
Gastro Map editing Deutsch Analysing if a hotel, restaurant,... allows smoking or not. yes
Gastro Map screenshot.png
OpenSeaMap edit multilingual Nautical Chart
with GUI Online-Editor and JOSM "SeaMapEditor"
showing Ports, Marinas, Lights, Seamarks, etc.
Weather chart, Weather forecast
OsmHydrant edit Deutsch, English, polski, українська Easily add or modify fire water utilities like fire hydrants, suction points and water tanks even on your smartphone. Additionally coverage can be checked on the map.
Wheelmap [73] edit français, English, Deutsch, español, 日本語 Wheelchair map that let user contribute to vote for Accessibility partial Wheelmap screenshot.png
YAPIS edit English, Deutsch, español, polski, italiano Create new POIs from a GPX, a georeferenced JPG or clicking on the map.
Particularly suitable for beginners as it is self-explanatory.

Accessibility for persons with disabilities

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Accessibility Layer in OSM-WMS accessibility English Deutsch Accessibility map (locations)
? - accessibility.png
AmauroMap [74] accessibility Deutsch Prototype: Map and router for visual impaired or blind users
AmauroMap screenshot.png
BliViMap [75] accessibility Deutsch Shows POIs for blind and visually impaired persons on a visual map for sighted cartographers. yes Blindpeople's.png
GetThere [76] accessibility English español čeština italiano Nederlands polski 中文 Android-based GPS navigation app for blind and visually impaired pedestrians. no accessibility Deutsch Wheelchair map with different layers (POIs, hiking, public transport)
Wheelchair map [77] accessibility English Wheelchair map (locations) yes Wheelchairdrivers OSM screenshot.png (Layer) accessibility, wheelchair routing English Deutsch Wheelchair map (streets and POIs)
Wheelmap accessibility, edit English Deutsch françaisitaliano Japanese, Svenska, Turkish, Greek, Islenska and Klingon! Wheelchair map (locations) yes

Public Transport

To see the OSM data on Public Transport

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
Resejämföraren visit interaction, routing, biking, comparison svenska,English Travel Compare Server in English, is a multi-modal router for the Øresund/Öresund region. It uses OpenStreetMap data and was created by Lund Municipality in 2009. Comparison of time, price, carbon dioxide emissions and calorie usage for different travel options.
ÖPNVKarte [78] interaction Deutsch Worldwide map displaying routes of public transportation (PSV).
no ÖPNV-Karte screenshot.png
LatLon Public Transport Map interaction English Displays a worldwide overlay on mapnik showing public transport routes and stops no
OsmTransport interaction English Shows public transportation services at selected cities. no OsmTransport screenshot.png
OpenRailwayMap [79] interaction català, čeština, dansk, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, English, español, français, 日本語, lietuvių, Nederlands, nqo, polski, português, русский, slovenščina, svenska, Türkçe, українська, Tiếng Việt Detailed map of the railway network, based on OpenStreetMap. It considers all rail-mounted and automotive vehicles, e.g. railways, subways, trams und miniature railways. yes Orm-frankfurt-2013-09-21.png
Openptmap [80] interaction English Worldwide map for public transport
Different base maps, wheel-chair layer, timetable layer (European timetable).
yes Openptmap blank bg.png
Openmap interaction English Worldwide map for public transport yes
see screenshot.png
OSM3S PT diagrams [81] interaction English Public Transport Line Diagram yes Sketch-line Ginko-27.svg
Actuele spoorkaart Nederland interaction, Realtime Nederlands Realtime train position in Netherlands yes screenshot.png
Raildar interaction, Realtime français Realtime train position in France (TGV, TER, Transilien, ...), Denmark, Finland, Ireland partial
see screenshot.png
EdinTravel interactive map Realtime English Find out real-time information on journey times for key routes, information on buses, Park & Ride sites and multi-storey car parks in Edinburgh. Appears to use OSM as basemap only no EdinTravel interactive map.png
TapTap Map interaction English See routes for TapTap's in Haiti as well as station information.
Haiti Tap Tap Map! screenshot.png
World Airport Codes interaction English The place to find airport codes, abbreviations, runway lengths and other airport information. no World Airport Codes screenshot.png
OpenPublicTransport interaction English Public transport routes in an easy-to-use format. no screenshot.png
ViajeTriFácil interaction English, português Public transport routes in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Includes a website and mobile apps for several platforms. Uses OTP with GTFS data (stops, route geometry and timetables) from DataPoa (the local government's public open data portal), OSM data for pedestrian routing, and Google for geocoding.
TransitMix interaction English Tool for creating your own bus systems using OpenStreetMap data. yes see
AllRailMap interaction English Simple and intuitive world railway map, improving upon the outstanding and sadly outdated Thorsten Büker's and Boris Chomenko's railway maps. Shows gauge, electrification status and voltage. no
FlightStats English Flight tracking service which uses OSM data as a part of their map data (attribution page). no

Live/real-time edits to OSM data

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
OSM Live (wiki) Art, Osm Tool English Monitoring the OSM edits in nearly realtime. Shows location and user name on a world map, not detailed. no OSM LIVE screenshot.png
LiveMapViewer Art, Osm Tool English A java tool to see live changes based on Planet.osm diff. yes
Show me the way (wiki) Art, Osm Tool English Shows near live edits (ways only?) overlaid on bing aerial imagery and shows a small overview OSM map (MapBox tiles). No "Pause" button or "previous" button (could be improved to be usable as anti-vandalism tool). Seems to use Overpass API/Augmented Diffs as data source. github (license: unknown) Show-me-the-way01.png
OSMbuzz Art, Osm Tool English Shows near live edits (ways only) overlaid on bing aerial imagery and pinpointed on a MapQuest overview map, similar to the tool "Show me the way". Shows the way's tags. No "Pause" button or "previous" button (could be improved to be usable as anti-vandalism tool). Seems to use Overpass API/Augmented Diffs as data source. note: ­just a world map, no function (2015-05-02) – please delete this entry if it persists! no (unknown) Osmbuzz01.png Art, Osm Tool English Shows near live edits on both overview map (pin) and local map (bounding box), with stats, activity graph, and misc changeset info. yes: github (license: osm-livechanges itself is Apache License Version 2.0.) Live.osm.fr01.png

Quality Assurance - OSM Tool

Here we list web utilities to work with OSM so monitoring, debugging,...

See also: Quality Assurance

Name, Link Genre Language Description free materials Image
OSM History Viewer OSM Tool English, Deutsch, magyar To see the difference last change on the tags and map. yes
OSM History Viewer- Changeset 6798641.png
WHODIDIT OSM Tool, Interaction English OpenStreetMap Changeset Analyzer
OSM Relation Analyzer [82] QA Deutsch Analyze relations and find errors (optimized to find errors in the route relations)
OSM TMC in Deutschland screenshot.png
OSMarelmon - The OSM Relation Monitor QA English Monitors relations. Monitored relations are periodically checked and the changes are distributed via RSS feeds.
How did you contribute to OSM OSM Tool English Goes back in the user edits history and shows what are the first/last edits on OSM no How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap.png
OSM Country Statistics QA English, русский Details on user count, speed, node count
OSM-Country-Statistics screenshot.png
OSMatrix [83] QA, OSM Tool English Tool for visualising mapping progress/quality
OSMatrix screenshot.png
OSM Route Manager [84] QA English, Deutsch Analyze route relations, find gaps and export GPX files. yes
OSM-Route-Manager screenshot.png
OS Locator Musical Chairs [85] QA English Browsable comparison of OSM street names with the GB Ordnance Survey Locator street name database yes
Oslmusicalchairs screenshot.png
QualityStreetMap QA English, Deutsch, français, italiano Allows you (1) to 'lock' areas as your working area to coordinate teamwork (2) to mark completion regarding map feature keys on a square grid yes see QualityStreetMap OSM QA App screenshot.png
OSM Watch List (OWL) QA English Monitors changes, summarises in a grid and offers RSS feeds teamwork on a bigger area yes
OWL screenshot.png
Post Box Guesstimator QA Deutsch Estimates where postboxes might be missed in Germany basing on statistics. Seems to be not working anymore (fails with a Openlayers exception in FF and Opera)
Post Box - Guesstimator screenshot.png
Query-to-map [86] QA English Exports custom data requests as lists and shows them on a map partial
Querey-to-map screenshot.png
refs for U.S. interstates QA English Lists and finds the corresponding road segments and reference numbers for the American interstates
Ref US interstates screenshot.png
Skobbler Bugs QA Deutsch, English, română, français,
español, italiano, русский
Bugs contributed by Skobbler using an OpenStreetBugs like portal no Bugs skobbler screenshot.png
Taginfo QA List and search for all tags yes
Taginfo screenshot.png
Verkehrszeichen Tool QA Deutsch Wizard to get the right tags for traffic signs
look alternative JOSM-Plugin RoadSigns
Verkehrszeichen Tool screenshot.png
layers@osm-fr [87] QA Overlays showing streets with no name, no ref, no oneway; fixmes & notes text; administrative boundaries . yes
Yet another validation tool for osm data screenshot.png
Editor usage stats QA English Statistics on which editor is used most.
Geofabrik Tile coordinates map QA English showing coordinate grid with Tile IDs no Geofabrik Tiles ID Map screenshot.png
Openstreetmap Coastline Errors QA English Checks for corrupted coastlines partial
Map generated,
“Bad Geometry” and “missing shape parts” layers
Openstreetmap Coastline Errors screenshot.png
Osmose [88] QA English, français, Deutsch, español, italiano, Nederlands, Kiswahili Checks for issues. yes see Osmose screenshot.png
Information Freeway QA English Slippy map with tiles from Tiles@home, several sources, interface for rerender requests yes, OpenLayers + HTML Source screenshot.png
MapCraft OSM Tool English Tool to coordinate a mapping party by delimited zone yes, [89] screenshot.png
Keep Right [90] QA multilingual Displays mapping errors yes, at sourceforge Keep right screenshot.png
NoName [91] QA English Highlights roads with no name=* tag no Noname high zoom.jpg
NOVAM QA English Bus stop verification tool developed for the NaPTAN import in the UK yes
Various OSM map [92] QA English, français Displays all kinds of map in the same interface,
with also a mobile version [93].
Missing maxheight tags QA English, Deutsch, français Check truck related tagging worldwide
  • Find covered/tunnel without maxheight tag.
  • Identify missing maxheight tags under (railway) bridges
  • Check existing maxheight, maxwidth, maxlength, maxweight, ... tags.

Link to the Maxheight Map Wiki Page
yes, at GitHub Mmd maxheight map screenshot.png
OSM Inspector [95] QA English Displays all kinds of possible dataset quality problems no screenshot.png
OSM Contributors by Area [96] OSM Tool English List of contributors who have participated in a given OSM area yes, at GitHub Osm-contributors-by-area.png
achavi Osm Tool English Augmented OSM Change Viewer: visualizes OpenStreetMap changes based on the Overpass API Augmented Delta (adiff) query. Supports continuous monitoring of an area of interest and visualizing single changesets (with some limitations). yes, at GitHub
OsmLaneVisualizer/Lane Visualizer [97] Osm Tool, QA English Schematic visualization of the lanes of a way including destination. Covers all important attributes (e.g. maxspeed, :lanes-extension and destination). yes, at GitHub OsmLaneVisualizer example 1.png
YoHours Osm Tool English Webpage for easy generation of opening hours (opening_hours=*) yes, at]

See also