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{{{name}}} {{{genre}}} {{{region}}} {{{lang}}} {{{descr}}} {{{material}}} [[File:|100px]]

A template to abstract the content from representation on List of OSM based Services. So the table items can be described using named properties in a comfortable way like

|name= [http://8bitcity.com 8-Bit Cities]
|region= Great Britain 
|lang= {{#language:en}}
|descr= Different major cities in 8-Bit console style graphic style.
|material= {{yes|yes}}
|image= 8-Bit Cities London.png
|genre= Art
  • The name property might contain web or wiki links like [https://openstreetbugs.org/ openstreetbugs.org] or [[OpenStreetBugs]].
  • The material property can contain: {{?}}, {{no}}, {{yes}}<br /> [http://.../ See].
  • The genre should help us to identify genres to split up the table in separate smaller tables later. Currently used is: art, export, edit, QA, photo, local...

Please remind, that this property will just create one single table entry! You have to setup the table header and footer by hand!