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Processed data providers provide OSM data (from Planet.osm) converted to other file formats like Shapefiles, GeoPackage, GeoJSON, KML, MBTiles and other formats commonly used by traditional GIS software.

Worldwide sources

Mirror Area Updated daily Shapefiles
  • entire continents
  • all European countries
  • sub-country admin regions for France, Germany, UK
  • many countries outside Europe
  • States in the USA and Provinces in Canada
Daily More than 200 cities and regions worldwide or extract your own individual area (Garmin cycle map, GeoJSON, MapsForge, MBTiles, Navit, OSM, OsmAnd, PBF and Shapefile formats) Weekly Most countries in the world (Shapefile) Weekly Most countries in 2nd and 3rd world (Shapefile) Weekly OSMaxx
  • Worldwide coverage, all countries or a polygon extent (up to 700 MB)
  • Reproject to WGS84, Pseudo Mercator and UTM
  • Supported formats: GeoPackage, Shapefile, Esri FGDB, and Garmin
Daily Daily