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GeoPackage is an open data format defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium and used by GIS software. A GeoPackage file has the extension .gpkg and is a SQLite database with a custom schema.

The format is able to contain both raster and vector data.[1]

Extensions to the standard do exist. Some have been integrated back into the standard.[2]

Software support

This format is supported in QGIS, gvsig[3], udig[3], geoserver[3], MapServer[3], deegree[3], esri[3], mapinfo[3], fme[3], talend[3], geokettle[3], stetl[3].

GDAL (and thus also ogrinfo, ...) supports GeoPackage, with optional Spatialite support. For more info see the GDAL driver docs.

Converting between OSM data and geoJSON

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  • ogr2ogr – General tool for conversion between many geo data formats, including GeoPackage (supported from version 2.2 and up) and OSM XML (supported from version 2.4 and up). The docs for the tool's GeoPackage driver is here.

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