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There are many Stub information pages on this wiki. A page is tagged with stub {{tag stub}}/{{key stub}} if the page is very short with only basic information. This isn't necessarily a problem, but it is an invitation for you to add more information if you think it will be useful and if know about the topic.

Some pages will no doubt remain as stubs, for example it's quite common to have an OpenStreetMap wiki page about an external website, with a brief description and a link. Obviously the external link is key bit of information to convey, but the page gives us a space to describe the topic in OpenStreetMap terms and make any other notes we need to make.

Sometimes the pages are labelled as stubs just to have more people review them (though that is not the intention with this template), and other times to let more people be aware of it in order to get it edited. The goal must always be to make the descriptions better, so that the documentations on this wiki will cover all the topics it is meant to cover.

Creating new stubs

Creating new stubs is encouraged. We have to start somewhere, and a wiki page very often starts life as a stub. See Mediawiki Help:Starting_a_new_page. Generally your new stub will serve as cross link from at least one other wiki page. In fact pages which we want to link to from several different places (lists for example) are a particularly useful kind of stub page to create.

Removing stub labels

If a wiki page has several sections / paragraphs then it is probably time to remove the stub label. Please be bold in dropping the label if you or anyone else has been adding information.

We have several other Wiki labels for other types of wiki maintenance.

List of stubs