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Bicycle tags map (website) shows bicycle related tags which might not otherwise show up on the standard map rendering styles.

Goal & description

This wiki is a translation of the Dutch original. All content applies to the Netherlands and may differ from other countries. The goal of this web map with bicycle tags is rendering bicycle related tags that are not (properly) rendered on OSM’s 'Mapnik' map or on the cyclemap version.

The map contains the following layers

Cycleway tags 
Most commonly used bicycle related properties of (cycle) ways
Surface tags 
A description of the “highway” surface
Route tags 
Overview of cycle route relations and (non) cycleable way (subjective)
Bugs in tags 
Possible bugs on the map.

Please see the OSM forum topic about this map (Dutch)

Cycleway tags

This map contains layers with the most commonly used bicycle related tags on “highways”. Please see Map_Features#Highway


Colour Tags Description
red highway=cycleway All separate cycleways. A compulsory cycle way Nederlands verkeersbord G11.svg (NL:sign G11) is tagged with highway=cycleway

The tag moped=no is not compulsory but advised to indicate the difference between the signs Nederlands verkeersbord G11.svg (NL:sign G11), Nederlands verkeersbord G12a.svg (NL:sign G12a) and Nederlands verkeersbord G13.svg (NL: sign G13).

purple highway=cycleway & moped=yes
or moped=designated
Fiets/Bromfietspad (moped/cycleway), indicated by Nederlands verkeersbord G12a.svg (NL:sign G12a)
blue dotted highway=cycleway & moped=no
Compulsory cycle way, indicated by Nederlands verkeersbord G11.svg (NL:sign G11).
blue highway=cycleway & mofa=no
Non-compulsory cycle way, indicated by Nederlands verkeersbord G13.svg (NL:sign G13).
pink cycleway=cyclestreet or cyclestreet=yes Cycle street
orange cycleway=track
Also cycleway:right=track, cycleway=opposite_track etc

Ways with a cycleway that is not totally separated from the main road. E.g. when the 2 are separated by a concrete curb or refuge.

orange cycleway=lane
Also cycleway:right=lane, cycleway=opposite_lane etc
Ways with separate lanes for cyclists (with bicycle sign on lane)
orange dotted cycleway=shared_lane Ways with separate lanes for cyclists (no bicycle sign on lane)
blue dotted oneway=yes Ways (unclassified, residential, cycleway) that have a one-way direction.
green dotted cycleway=opposite or oneway:bicycle=no

Ways (unclassified, residential) that have a one-way direction but not for cyclist.

green line or circle bicycle=yes On paths (highway=footway, path, pedestrian, steps) accessible to cyclists
or on nodes with barrier=* except barrier=bollard.

Surface tags

This layer shows an indication of the paving of tracks, cycle ways and footways.

  • Paved
  • Semi-paved
   surface=gravel, (crushed_)shell(s), compacted(_gravel)
  • Unpaved
   surface=grass, ground, unpaved, dirt, earth, sand, woodchips, pebblestones

Route tags

Displayed are:

  • Hiking routes including hiking nodes rwn_ref=*
  • Horse (back) riding routes including horse nodes rhn_ref=* - better not cycle here!
  • Former railway lines railway=abandoned/disused/dismantled are often replaced by scenic cyclepaths

The map also shows (non) cycleable ways (subjective):

  • Non cycleable ways
   highway=proposed, construction, footway, path, pedestrian, steps, bridleway, platform*
   Other highways with  bicycle=no
   Other highways with  access=no or horse=designated* 

(*) excluding “highways” tagged with :

   bicycle=yes, designated, official, permissive, destination
   mtb=yes, designated, official, permissive, destination
   ramp:bicycle=yes (combined with) highway=steps
  • Cycleable ways
   All other “highways” excluding highway=motorway(_link) or highway=trunk(_link)

Bugs in tags

This layer is meant for finding possible errors in the map. Kind of like the Keepright, but then specifically for bicycle related tags.

Errors like ways that are tagged with following combinations:

Popup webkaartje.jpg

Popup window

By clicking on the map more detailed info about the “highway” is retrieved from OSM.
There are also shortcuts to, Google Maps, Bing Aerial as well as Openstreetmap Notes (bug report) and Keepright for error checks.
The area can also be loaded in your favourite OSM editor JOSM, Potlatch or IDeditor.

Browser problems

The map works fine using Firefox or Chrome, but Internet Explorer (IE) can have issues.

Possible solution:

  • change IE security level. Add the domain “” to your trusted sites, set security to “low”.

Mapsource Weblinks

Weblink extensions for Garmin's Mapsource are handy shortcuts.
With this you can switch directly from e.g. Openfietsmap to the map on the web.
Download the Web Link Extensions. For more information on installing these see Web link extension file.

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