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Legal access restriction for mopeds.

Moped is low powered motorcycle typically restricted to 45 km/h (28 mph) or 50 km/h (31 mph) from a maximum displacement of 49 cc (3.0 cu in), though there are a few variations. .

See access=* for values,
usually minspeed=* applies on a highway=*

External documentation and local tagging rules:

  • Belgium
    • moped=* is equal to Class B mopeds. These are all two or three-wheel vehicles with a maximum cylinder capacity of 50 cc or an electric motor and with a maximum speed of 45 km / h. To drive a class B moped, you need an AM driving license. All mopeds of this class must have a license plate.
    • Relevant legislation: dutch / french
    • In the past, Class B mopeds have been tagged with moped_b=*. We suggest to not use this tag any longer, in order to conform to the internationally more accepted moped=*.
    • See mofa=* for tagging of Class A mopeds.