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Legal access restriction for mofas.

Low powered motorcycle or bicycle with auxilary motor (combustion or electric), usually with a maximum design speed of around 25 km/h.

The abbreviation is short for the German "motorfahrrad". In Dutch mofas would be translated as "snorfietsen"; which is distinct from mopeds ("bromfietsen").

See access=* for values.

In some countries this is a sub-class of moped=* (and moped=* is a sub-class of motorcycle=*) with less stringent license requirements, but still subject to the same access restrictions, in other countries mofas are treated the same as bicycles except for specific restrictions on using the motor. At least in the later it is necessary to tag this separate from motorcycle=* or moped=*.

Depending on the jurisdiction, low-powered "pedelecs" are subject to the same regulations.

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