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Access permission for bicycles with electric motor assistance. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Bicycles with an electric motor as assistance. Often named "Pedelec". The motor is only active while the driver puts force on the pedals (i.e. no throttle). Limited to a slow speed (e.g. 25 km/h). No license plate or driving license required. Treated equally to bicycles on roads. In the US, these would be termed Class 1 e-bikes.

Attention: In many countries there are two types of electric bicycles: Electric bicycles that are capable of a higher speed (often up to 45 km/h) are often named "Speed-Pedelec". Required to be registered and equipped with a license plate and cyclists need to wear a helmet in certain countries. Looks like a bicycle, can be driven manually like a bicycle, but usually not treated like a regular bicycles by law. Please see the separate key speed pedelec=* for this kind of bicycle.


Charging stations

In the context of charging stations, mostly the basic tag bicycle=* is used. There is no ambiguity here, as non-electric bicycles can not be charged.

Access restriction

The key electric_bicycle can be used to restriction the access on highways or barriers. The possible values are the same as for any other access key. The full list can be found on the main access-Key page: Key:access#List_of_possible_values. Useful examples include 'yes','no','destination','use_sidepath' or 'designated'

The hierarchy of vehicle classes may be different from country to country due to different legal definitions. According to Belgian, German and likely most European laws, an electric_bicycle=* is a sub-class of bicycle=*.


Where to use

  • These tags can be used on any object that can be combined with access tags.
  • Like other vehicle types, they can be combined with other restrictions (e.g. maxspeed:speed_pedelec=*)
  • Combined with service tags on repair shops (e.g. service:electric_bicycle=*).

When NOT to use

This tag should only be used if one needs to refer to electric vehicles explicitly. If not, always use the basic keyword bicycle=*.

Especially, they should not be used:

  • If local law treats them identically to bicycles.
  • If there is no ambiguity between electric and non-electric vehicles. For example, on charging stations the use of basic key bicycle=* is recommended because it is simpler and obviously refers to the electric variants.


Image Link Description Tags
Rental of pedelec
node 7904470167 A bicycle rental station that has only electric bicycles. amenity=bicycle_rental


German traffic sign
node 8025724601 A dedicated charging station for bicycles, using a connector known as 'ropd'. The common 'bicycle' tag can be used on charging stations, there is no need to use a dedicated 'electric_bicycle' tag here. amenity=charging_station