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A cycle track is separated from the road by curbs, parking lots, grass verges, trees or another physical barrier, but is running parallel to and next to the road.

Consider using cycleway:left=track and/or cycleway:right=track instead, relative to the direction in which the way was drawn in the editor, as these tags further indicate on which side of the road the cycle track is located.

Alternatively, this kind of object may be mapped as a separate way and tagged as highway=cycleway, or as highway=path+bicycle=designated.

One-way roads

In the case of a one-way road, cycleway=track can be used when there is:

  • a one-way cycle track operating in the same direction as the main traffic flow, or
  • a two-way cycle track (also tag the way with oneway:bicycle=no).

For a cycle track operating in the opposite direction to a one-way road, instead use cycleway=opposite_track+oneway:bicycle=no.

cycleway=track + highway=cycleway

Popular[1] cycleway=track + highway=cycleway combinations is a result of bug in Potlatch[2]. This combinations is recommended to be converted into highway=cycleway by JOSM[3] and iD[4]

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