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Public-images-osm logo.svg highway = motorway_junction
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An exit from a motorway or other major road. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Highways
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Use the highway=motorway_junction tag to identify a point along a highway=* with junction refs or names where it is possible to exit the highway onto another road. This is usually found along a highway=motorway, but is also applicable to other roads with numbered or named junctions including some highway=trunk and highway=primary roads.

How to use

Add a highway=motorway_junction tag at each node node along a highway with named or numbered junctions where a driver can legally exit, onto a highway=motorway_link, highway=trunk_link or other road class. This node should be positioned as the last point before the splay at which it is still possible to make a smooth turn.

Name and number

Some countries name their motorway junctions (e.g. Italy), while others number them (e.g., UK, US, Spain; also France for most motorway junctions), some are doing both (Germany, France for junctions with the circular motorway surrounding major cities).

The following tags may be added to the node highway=motorway_junction node:

  • ref=* to identify the [W] exit number, as indicated on nearby signage. For unnumbered exits (e.g. to rest areas) in highway systems where exits are normally numbered, use noref=yes to explicitly note that the ref=* tag is not missing, but rather that no such value exists for that node.
  • name=* for the name of the junction or interchange. Do not confuse the name of a junction with the destination(s) the junction leads to. In most cases worldwide, sign information describes destinations, not the name of the junction or interchange itself. If a signpost or indication displays destinations exclusively, this data belongs to destination=* tags, not the name=* of the highway=motorway_junction node.

Destination of the exit

The destination of an exit can be indicated on the way way that branches off from the node motorway_junction node by destination=* and destination:ref=*. The key destination:lanes=* can provide further details like the exact position of the signpost and the destination of each lane. See the article about the key destination=* and its subkeys for further details and examples.

The alternative key exit_to=* directly on the node motorway_junction node is not recommended any more. It has the disadvantage that it might be ambiguous in some cases, e.g. on parallel motorways (though using exit_to:right and exit_to:left solves this, which is also a problem for ref=* on the node), that it doesn't work for non-motorway junctions with more than two destinations, and that it does not allow to break down destinations per lane.

Related keys


Picture Tagging
Img 5441.jpg

On the node node where the exit way leaves:

On the way way branching off:

The following keys are proposed:

Junction example.png

On the node node where the exit way leaves:

On the way way branching off:

On the way way continuing the current way:

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