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Screenshot of CheckAutopista2 showing errors of I15 in California.

CheckAutopista ( is a Quality Assurance tool. It shows automatically detected errors of a selected motorway on a map. CheckAutopista is available for the whole planet.


CheckAutopista automatically detects the following errors in the selected motorway:

Also CheckAutopista shows information about:

  • Exits
  • Tollbooths
  • Service and Rest Areas

Current limitations

Screenshot of CheckAutopista2 showing the M25 in London.
  • CheckAutopista does not support lane-based destinations (destination:lanes=*).
  • CheckAutopista does not support lane-based speed limits (maxspeed:lanes=*).
  • CheckAutopista cannot parse destinations where the motorway equally splits (e.g. the M20/M26 fork).
  • CheckAutopista cannot parse destinations at the start or end of a motorway.
  • CheckAutopista may incorrectly recommend a junction node (highway=motorway_junction) on a motorway roundabout. (e.g. Junction 4 of the M25).


Motorways or similar main roads need to be "collected" in a relation with type=route to be checked by this tool.


The current version of CheckAutopista is CheckAutopista2. The older version is still available at CheckAutopista.

Map Updates

CheckAutopista runs on Overpass API so all data is live.


CheckAutopista2 ( is only available in English. However, the website uses mainly symbols.

The original CheckAutopista ( is available in 8 languages:

You can help translating in the Transifex project: [1].

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