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Is used to detail the destinations where a motorway junction exits to Show/edit corresponding data item.
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exit_to was used on the highway=motorway_junction node to detail the destinations where a motorway junction exits to. It has largely been superseded by destination=* and should therefore be considered deprecated.

Note: There is guidance and numerous United States specific examples of use of the exit_to and destination tags at Exit Info.

Basic usage

If signage states a road leads to Springfield on US 30, tag exit_to=US 30;Springfield. If multiple destinations are shown on signage, tag them with semicolons. For example, exit_to=US 30;Springfield;OK 20;Sometown;Anothertown; note that Anothertown doesn't have a ref number.

Coverage in the United States

Adoption of destination=* in the United States since June 2014 has been rapid, and has clearly surpassed the number of exit_to=* keys as of December 2015.

Evolution of exit_to and destination tags in the United States.

This map shows the geographical distribution of exit_to=* in the United States as of 2014-06-25.

Exit to-in-the-us.png



As of 2018, destination=* is now far more common than exit_to=*, with the latter declining in number.


Currently, a transition to destination=* is being discussed again. Please take part in the discussion there or on the discussion page.


Exit_to has been discussed in November 2012. U.S. mappers feel that exit_to should not be deprecated. Non U.S. mappers feel that destination=* and its related keys are more flexible and of greater use in navigation devices. Please take part in this ongoing discussion either in the tagging mailing list or on the discussion page

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