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OpenStreetMap data


Main article: Collaboration with Wikipedia

Open any Wikipedia page about georgaphical object like river or city to see it in action.

Scientific research

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Only as slippy map

  • Crawl web to see who is using leaflet and OpenStreetMap data and post new links below
  • This page will be enormous (for ex.: if there hotel with leaflet at their site and OpenStreetMap we have to add it here) says they have 781K hotels

Big companies


  • ESRI products

Social networks

Photo and video services

  • Flickr Flickr uses OSM maps for some parts of the world, eg Beijing and Baghdad.

Link sharing

Public transport journey planners

  • Rejseplanen, the Danish national Journey Planner [4]

Public transport monitoring services

  • Россия, Ярославль [5]
  • Россия, Рязань [6]
  • Россия, Владимир [7]
  • Россия, Саратов [8]
  • Россия, Южно-Сахалинск [9]
  • Россия, Хабаровск [10]
  • Россия, Тюмень [11]




  • Tripadvisor in their mobile apps for iOS and Android

Activity tracking software


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