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This page attempts to list some sites around the internet that use OSM already and which don't fit in the categories under List of OSM based Services.

OpenStreetMap data


Main article: Collaboration with Wikipedia

Open any Wikipedia page about georgaphical object like river or city to see it in action.

Scientific research

Main article: Research


Main article: Games

Other applications

Main article: Applications
Main article: Android


Only as slippy map

  • Crawl web to see who is using leaflet, OpenLayers, Mapbox_GL or another widget based on OpenStreetMap data and post new links below
  • This page will be enormous (for ex.: if there is a hotel with leaflet at their site and OpenStreetMap we have to add it here) says they have 781K hotels
  • This is why we should only list one representative site per notable company or web portal

Government agencies

Big companies


  • ESRI products

Social networks

  • Fourquare [2]
  • Facebook seems to attribute OpenStreetMap along with HERE and Mapbox, so it is not clear which parts are coming from which source [3]

Photo and video services

  • Flickr Flickr uses OSM maps for some parts of the world, eg Beijing and Baghdad.

Link sharing

Public transport journey planners

Public transport monitoring services

  • Россия, Ярославль [5]
  • Россия, Рязань [6]
  • Россия, Владимир [7]
  • Россия, Саратов [8]
  • Россия, Южно-Сахалинск [9]
  • Россия, Хабаровск [10]
  • Россия, Тюмень [11]

Public transport



  • Uber - Main map for locating drivers and setting points



Activity tracking software

Estate agent

Classified ads


Search engines



Service / Business



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