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For mapping shops selling games of various types, see Tag:shop=games.

Several games have already been built using OpenStreetMap data, enabling the creation of games set in the real world.

Related topics are Simulators (more serious use of OSM in interactive worlds) and Gamification (making OSM mapping feel more like playing a game by applying game design techniques).

Games using OpenStreetMap data

In the game itself

Games that can no longer be played or installed:

For services around the games

Game map converters

  • Cities:Skylines - OSM import (3D)
  • Minecraft - At least one person has generated blocky 3D minecraft maps from OSM data (3D)
  • SuperTuxKart - Map importing based on osm2world (3D)
  • The Golf Club 2019 - Allows you to create your own golf course and play it in the video game. Using the mapped data from OpenStreetMap greatly improves the accuracy of the course re-creations. These course re-creations can then be used in golf simulators. Some editors mistag to get the look they want in the game (see descriptive page), this is highly discouraged; it isn't necessary to upload this data to the main map when it can just be downloaded from iD as a .osm instead of uploading it, and added to the game manually. (3D)

Board games

Personal goal tracking

These services compare GPS traces you've collected via a service like Strava to the street network in OpenStreetMap so you can track and share how much of a city you've visited. These services depend on OSM to have accurate highway classification and boundaries.

Game development tools

OSM-based game development tools by game engine:

Retro gaming-styled maps

Not actual game data converters, but styles inspired by games: