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Generation Streets 3D OpenStreetMap Renderer

Generation Streets is an OpenStreetMap-based video game released on Steam.

3D World Generator has been released as a separated command-line tool and named rvtgen3d. It's distributed under free license as part of rsgeotools toolset[1].


  • 3D buildings with roof decorations and entrances
  • Roof shapes (only dome, onion and cone/pyramid are supported)
  • Randomly generated rural houses
  • Terrain surface map
  • Road marking
  • Trees and bushes
  • Street lighting on roads and pavements
  • Rail roads
  • Power tower and power lines (limited support)
  • Walls and fences
  • Apocalypse-styled destroyed bridges
  • Relief (based on other sources)



rvtgen3d is free software and distributed under 3-clause BSD license.

Original Generation Streets video game is a proprietary software.


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