BucketMan - coloring your city

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Available languages — BucketMan - coloring your city
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BucketMan - coloring your city
Screenshot of BucketMan - coloring your city
Author: Felix Butzbach
License: (free of charge)
Platforms: Android and iOS
Version: 2.0.6 (2016-08-09)
Languages: English, German, and Portuguese
Website: http://bucketman-game.com
Source code: http://
Programming languages: Corona and Lua

A game similar to Pacman but in the streets of the world

"BucketMan - coloring your city" is a mobile game that is similar to Pacman but in the streets of the world. It is available for Android from the playstore and for all iOS devices from the App Store. There is a homepage too, but its not finished jet. You can see the game in action here on youtube.


In the game you control the BucketMan to collect water and paints and to avoid AIV´s (Artificial Intelligent Vehicles) that are driving around the city with just one goal: driving around as much as possible. You can jump over AIV´s and you can throw your collected paints to paint the AIV´s which makes them harmless. You can unlock super paints that make you "hulk" and then you can kill the AIV´s and get, depending on their colors, rewards. During the game you can exchange the water and paints for skills (speed, jumptime, ...) and features (Time for lifes, Super paint schindel, ...).

There is always a timer running down and you need to collect water to reach the next stages, where you get new time. Killing AIV´s also gives time.

There are two principal game modes: Missions and survival. In the missions you have to do tasks, like jump over 8 AIV´s, paint some AIV´s in certain colors, kill a certain number of AIV´s in a spezific color, ...

In the survival maps you simply have to ... survive. Here you can collect water and paints to make the Bucketman better. There also exists a global leaderboard via Google Play Game Services and Apple Gamecenter for presaved maps, where its about the highest score. Beside the presaved maps you can also play in online maps or in the current position map (if there is an internet conection and a gps signal found)

The online maps are mostly uploaded by the users it self and thus from all around the world. Every online map has its own leaderboard which allow for the battle for the crown in yor own neighborhood.