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For academic topics, see Research.

Traffic simulation

  • A/B Street simulates cars, bikes, public transit, and pedestrians. It pulls data from OSM, and additionally infers details for lanes, traffic signals, parking lots, and more.
  • eWorld basing upon SUMO (you need to strip down OSM files as they have problems with huge files)
  • Ad hoc newtorks
  • MATSim is an open-source framework to implement large-scale agent-based transport simulations.
  • Vissimm is a professional (closed source) traffic analysis suite. You can use it with OSM data, too Vortrag OSM2Visum.pdf
  • Aimsun, like Vissum is a professional-grade closed source traffic simulation program that accepts OSM data

Rescue Coordination Simulator

  • The german browser based "Leitstellensimulator" DE:LstSim
This simulator is currently using to OSM Data. Example video:


Flight Simulations (games)

Back in 2005 Jon Stockill did some visualisation of OSM data using "FlightGear", an open-source flight simulator.

See FlightGear for more information. The OSM data is also used in several scenery addon packages, which adopt the simulation to the reality:

In 2020 released  Microsoft Flight Simulator, it also use OSM data to create buildings. [1]