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Scenario in Nice.
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Winding in the Alpes.
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2005 work. Flying over London!
2005 work. Street maps in a flight sim

FlightGear (FlightGear.org, Wikipedia:FlightGear) is an open source flight simulator. Since November 2013, the official scenery of the simulator makes use of OSM line data.


The official scnery provides global coverage, by using a variety of data sources, including NASA's 3-arcsec SRTM data, GSHHS data and Corine Land Cover.

Buildings, aerials, etc. are placed according to obstructions data etc. See the FlightGear Scenery Object Database for some examples.

OpenStreetMap buildings

The buildings as mapped in OSM can be turned into 3D models for use in FlightGear scenery. This is done with a custom written python script. More information at the FlightGear wiki.

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