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Available languages — Gamification
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Gamification is a game design technique which can be used to enhance non-game experiences. It has been used by companies in order to gather big data [1] or change user behaviour.[2] Gamified applications are different from games because it has an ulterior purpose: that of cleaning or collecting data.

In the context of OSM, these are tools that "gamify" of OpenStreetMap contribution, i.e. make OSM mapping feel more like playing a game, by applying game design techniques. This holds the prospect of attracting many contributors, perhaps from different demographics. The idea has been pursued by quite a few different projects.


A list of game design elements used in gamification schemes:

  • Achievements
  • Badges
  • Levels
  • Missions
  • Points
  • Reward schedules


  • AddressHunter A website with an role-playing game-like interface, featuring a multiplayer quest system for adding addresses to OSM.
  • How did you contribute to OpenStreetMap? - scoring and ranking your contribution
  • Kort Game A gamified app for adding new data to existing OSM features.
  • MapATag - Mobile gamified app for adding accessibility tags, by Wheelmap
  • MapCraft A collaborative Walking-Papers website. Gamification element is present because it encourages competition between players who have been assigned different areas.
  • Mapper baseball cards [1]
  • MapRoulette A website used for adding new data to existing OSM features. The website presents the player with a random OSM data feature which needs improving from around the world.
  • OSM Streak Map a random task every day. Some tasks are very funny, no spoil...
  • OSMFight - Compares two users in a map contribution face off
  • StreetComplete - Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable data in the user's vicinity and provides them the tools to complete these easily and directly on site without having to use another editor.

See also

  • Gamification on Wikipedia
  • Games – for games that use OSM data, but are not intended for contributing to OSM
  • Simulators – for more serious uses of OSM data in interactive worlds


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