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OSM Streak
Author: Ilya Zverev
Platform: Web
Website: http://streak.osmz.ru
Source code: GitHub
Programming language: Python

Map every day with OSM Streak

OSM Streak is a gamified web application that makes you do small tasks for OpenStreetMap every day.



The goal is to map every day for at least a year. Tasks are small, five minutes each. The point is to map every day, not map as much as you can. Persistence pays off.


For each submission you get points. At first you get one point, from the third day in a row you get two points for each task, and so on. If you keep mapping for a month in a row, you would get five points for a changeset.


You do not have to do exactly what the page tells you to. Any non-empty changeset will be accepted. But if you follow the task description, you will get an extra point.

Do not let the task intimidate you. If you think it is too hard, map something else — for example, a building. The goal is to map every day, not complete all the tasks.


With points, you also may gain levels. You start at level 1: the number of stars is the level you are at. In a few days you will move to level 2. New levels open more tasks. Here are the point thresholds for gaining levels:

  • 10 — level 2 (roughly five consecutive days)
  • 70 — level 3 (three weeks)
  • 500 — level 4 (three months)
  • 2700 — level 5 (roughly a year)

Mappers who get to the last level enter the hall of fame. They can continue their mapping streak after that, of course. For each changeset at that moment they will be getting 16 points.


There is no leaderboard. You won't know who's ahead of you and who's behind. This is a challenge, not a competition.


You can help to translate this software via Transifex.