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A stub article was created recently with this title. It was then deleted with the explanation 'we already have a list of games. redirect!'

I have reinstated the article as I think it will be useful to give User:Wizrares an opportunity to develop it. To be clear, gamification, is method to collect data. Not all games have a 'gamification' element, and not all data collection systems are gamified. Some OSM data collection systems could probably be enhanced considerably if they were gamified.

Wizarres gave a talk on gamification at the recent 2013 State of the Map Conference. He is also doing a 3rd year uni project on this and has some useful thought and energy to give (see his user page for details).

I should note that he also works for ITO World, and is doing this project with support by myself and the company, as such there is a potential Conflict of Interest which I should make people aware of. If anyone thinks there are any problem re COI then please raise them with me or Chris.

-- PeterIto (talk) 09:43, 3 October 2013 (UTC)